Gigi Hadid Sits Next To Ex Cody Simpson On A Plane And Even In Sweats She Still Looked Fab

It turns out being crowned Model of the Year and strutting the runway for names like Balmain and Max Mara doesn’t exclude you from life’s all-too-cringe-worthy moments. Gigi Hadid was seated next to ex-boyfriend Cody Simpson on the plane ride back to New York from Toronto’s MuchMusic Video Awards. Imagine being stuck 10,000 feet in the air right next to your most recent ex for a few hours? Talk about a nightmare! Leave it to Hadid, though, to look flawless even in sweatpants with her hair tied back.

Unless your breakup was extremely messy, coming in contact with the person is never the issue. What concerns many people is how they look when the almost inevitable time comes after you’ve gone your separate ways and fate finds some cruel reason to cross your paths once again.

My sister once told me to “always dress to impress; you never know who you might meet or run into.” This mantra has always stuck with me, though ironically enough I met my current boyfriend wearing a pair of shorts and an oversized sweatshirt. Clearly he was the exception to the rule, and clearly that rule does not apply to Hadid because she’s not dressing to the nines here, yet still looks adorable.

Unfortunately, Simpson could semi-sneak only a fraction of Hadid in the Snapchat photo, but it looks to me like the model wasn’t about to go over-the-top glitz and glam for the plane ride home after the Hollywood event. Can you blame her? With how fast this model’s schedule fills up, it wouldn’t surprise me if she takes full advantage of the downtime plane rides provide by skipping makeup and taking a nap.

Let's just take a moment to applaud Hadid on her cool, calm, and collected nature as she looked right into the camera, with no shame as far as her outfit goes. And why should she feel shame? She looks adorable, and isn't dressing for some dude while on an airplane. Welcome to "How To Look Great In Sweats When Running Into Your Ex 101" with Professor Hadid.

Luckily, the former couple split on good terms; Hadid and Simpson are still friends and wish each other the best. Despite Simpson’s use of the skull emoji, I’m willing to bet the hour and a half ride wasn’t so bad. When it comes down to it, the guy was sitting next to one of America's top models — in first class no less.

Quit complaining, Simpson. You loved every minute.