Chloe Grace Moretz Just Got A Badass Piercing

by Julia Guerra

Celebrities shocking us with their wacky hair and odd body piercings may not be a particularly new advancement in the beauty world, still surprises are subject to arise. Hollywood’s favorite all-American sweetheart Chloe Grace Moretz pierced her septum and flaunted it on the streets of New York on Monday, giving good girls everywhere an incentive to get in touch with their edgy side.

Last week we saw model and Mad Max actress Abbey Lee Kershaw debut her new My Little Pony hairstyle with quite the statement septum ring for added bling, and while it looked awesome, Kershaw is known for her spunky style. Moretz rocking a nose piercing is so unexpected, and that alone makes it look cool.

The actress portrays Mia in If I Stay, the typical shy, quiet girl perfectly happy going along and playing her cello who inevitably falls for Adam, the new kid who, of course, is a mega-hot guitar player in a band. To show her rock star boyfriend that she is more than capable of coming out of her shell, Mia trades in her long skirt and sweater for a leather mini dress and platinum wig on Halloween. Seeing Moretz with a septum piercing had a similar effect on me, only it’s not Halloween and this is no feature film.

The piercing, be it fake or legitimate, makes for one fantastic juxtaposition when you take a look at the actress’s style, but a little punk edge never hurt anyone. In this cause, it only improves Moretz style.

I guess we should acknowledge the fact that the actress is 18 now, and maybe Moretz is feeling all grown up. First a tattoo, now a piercing. What's next for this star's evolving style? Only time will tell.