The 'Another Period' Cast Is Full Of The Funniest People In Showbiz

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OK, so you're tastes in TV are a little varied, but so what if you like Downton Abbey and Keeping Up With The Kardashians. Who made the rule book saying you couldn't care about aristocrats of both Yorkshire and Calabasas? You're cultured and you like to take in all different types of entertainment. At least this is what I tell myself every morning when I have a twinge of guilt for not watching more Ken Burns documentaries. Because we're so *cultured*, may I introduce you to the cast of Another Period , the Comedy Central show that is sure to become your new favorite series. A show that combines the era of Downton with the superfluous nature of KUWTK.

On this glorious new show, some of the funniest actors around join hands and say "A good morrow" to their new found fan base as the first family of reality TV. The Bellacourts hail from Newport, Rhode Island, and are the shining example of why reality television is a blessing and a curse all at the same time. The satirical, scripted, turn-of-the-century comedy follows the lives of the posh — and awful — Bellacourts, and of course, their servants. So who makes up Another Period? Allow me to introduce you to the cast, Real Housewives style.

Images: Robyn Von Swank

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