9 Playsuits For Pear Shapes For The Unashamedly Thick Of Thighs

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As a lady with more than a chunk of honky tonk badonkadonk, I know only too well the trials and tribulations that accompany the search for playsuits for pear shapes. But as an unashamed comfortable-clothing-queen, playsuits are one of my favorite go-to pieces when dressing for the summer season.

The perfect mix of easy, effortless style and minimal crotch-flashing, the humble playsuit is the garment that just keeps on giving. Boasting full-blown outfit potential in less than 10 seconds of slipping and zipping, the playsuit is the perfect lazy throw-on when you want to hide the fact you vacated your bed three minutes before running out the door. It's easily dressed up or down with accessories for quick-snap transitional day-to-night wear, and available in an abundance of comfy plain and printed styles and fabrics — so in theory, what's not to love?

However, my dilemma always starts when it comes to the dreaded changing room challenge. Thanks to my reaching the booty pile way earlier than the boob pile in the great pre-birth body parts amnesty, playsuits often leave me facing a difficult style dilemma: An all-in-one that drowns my chest but hugs my thighs, or a form-fitting top half paired with shorts that shackle my thighs like a trussed-up chicken's?

An equally-proportioned figure was the craving of my deepest, darkest romper-flaunting desires, until I stumbled across the blog of the enviously style-savvy Chante B. With her Romper Love post as an aid, I was able to arm myself with five vital playsuit-purchasing questions:

1. How short is it? (I.e. will it cause me to violate public decency laws by wearing it, or, more importantly, my office's dress code?)

2. What fabric is it made from? (Is it seductively silky, but stretch-less? Is it figure-hugging jersey? And, more importantly, can you eat cake in it?)

3. Will it be tight around my thighs? (Am I happy to accept the restrictions of denim in the name of fashion, or would I prefer something more light and free-flowing?)

4. Does it have stretch? (Again, do I want to be able to eat in this thing? The answer should be yes.)

5. How will I put it on; is there a zipper? If so, where is the zipper? (All good questions to have strong, concrete answers to prior to that bladder-bursting third pint of cider.)

With these points to guide my playsuit pilgrimage, I was ready to take on the rompers and re-enter the changing cubicle with a renewed sense of confidence. Pear-shape-loving playsuits, come to me, my pretties!

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