Kim Kardashian's Makeup Artist Instagrammed A Baby Wearing Makeup, And The Public Is Not Happy

Though Kim Kardashian is generally celebrated for her makeup (I mean, her contouring is insane), the man behind those famous cheekbones is actually in a bit of hot water right now. Kardashian's makeup artist posted a picture of a little girl totally decked out in makeup, and the public is not being shy with its opinions.

Mario Dedivanovic posted a picture to Instagram on Monday, which shows a young girl with a full face of makeup, including dark, winged eyeliner, mascara, and brightly-colored berry lipstick, with the caption "My future daughter #soCute." Though she looks beautiful, it's definitely a little bit of overkill for her young age — and his followers certainly agree. Comments include "I'm feeling sick," "THIS IS AWFUL PLEASE LEAVE CHILDREN ALONE," and "She's beautiful but she doesn't need makeup. That's too grown. Protect the innocence." Following the controversy, Mario later amended his caption to include the disclaimer "(this is not my makeup)."

Children should look their age — not be encouraged to alter themselves. With Mario's makeup master class with Kim coming up, I wonder if there will be a decline in attendees? (Though I think the cost of admission might have more to do with that than the Instagram post).

Images: Getty Images; makeupbymario/Instagram