Video Of Dylann Roof's Arrest Shows An Emotionless Reaction After He's Pulled Over By Police

The Shelby Police Department have released dash cam video showing accused Charleston, South Carolina shooter Dylann Roof's reaction to being arrested. Roof, the 21-year-old charged with nine counts of murder, was stopped by police 13 hours after allegedly opening fire on a Bible study group at Emanuel AME Church. Police were able to apprehend him after a passing motorist spotted Roof driving through the small town of Shelby, North Carolina, which is almost 250 miles away from Charleston.

The three-minute video, which was released to WSOC-TV, shows five police officers approaching Roof's vehicle. One officer has his weapon pulled, while others have their hands on their holsters. Roof gets out of his car without protest and is then handcuffed and led away to a police car where he is then frisked down and placed in the back. Roof is expressionless throughout the entire video.

According to Yahoo News, who interviewed several officers involved, the arrest was relatively uneventful. After being stopped, he reportedly handed a police officer his driver's license and said "I'm Dylann Roof." The .45 caliber gun which was used in the shooting was found in the backseat of the car, though officers say Roof did not reach for it.

The arrest was made almost entirely thanks to the tip called in by Debbie Dills, a local florist. Dills reportedly recognized Roof's black Hyundai and took notice of the South Carolina plates, which also featured a Confederate flag. After passing the car, she saw Roof and recognized his bowl-cut. Unsure of what to do, Dills proceeded to follow Roof for 35 miles while she called police.

Having heard reports of Roof's violent, hate-filled speech the night before at Emanuel AME, officers were reportedly weary of a violent confrontation. "It could have been a lot worse," Mike Miller, the Cleveland County district attorney told Yahoo News. "If the man has already shot nine people, he could have easily come out shooting and taken out some of our officers."

Shortly after being taken into custody, Shelby officials and FBI agents interviewed Roof and received a taped confession. He was then taken to a local judge, in the hopes of extraditing him back to South Carolina as quickly as possible. Reports indicate that Roof remained quiet and calm throughout this entire process as well.

According to Yahoo News, Judge Ali Paksoy oversaw the proceedings, during which Roof was calm and polite. "It was weird," the judge said. "After reading everything that had happened, I guess I expected him to be belligerent, or perhaps that we’d have some problems, but we didn't."

Roof is currently being held in South Carolina, where a $1 million bond is set for a weapon's possession charge. Following the sentencing, the Justice Department announced they would be investigating the church shooting as a possible hate crime or instance of domestic terrorism. Roof will appear back in court in October for a trial.

Images: kenlemonWSOC9/Twitter