Funny Or Die's Bernie Sanders Impersonation Is Incredibly Accurate And Also Slightly Adorable

You know it's almost election season when the political parodies start popping up, and Funny or Die's newest Bernie Sanders impersonation is leading the charge. Sanders has sort of become the wacky fun uncle of the 2016 presidential election, the candidate that's come out of left field (the far left field) and delighted young and old voters alike with his indirect responses and no-nonsense approach. But while he may be endearing, we sort of have to ask— is he boring?

Funny or Die's new video, featuring comedian James Adomian as Sanders, seeks to tackle that question. Adomian impersonates Sanders during a campaign ad, where he attempts to prove to America that he can be fun, by taking part in activities like skateboarding, doing keg stands, and taking drugs.

Although Adomian looks a little bit like a modern Benjamin Franklin, his impersonation is spot-on, from Sander's balding hairstyle to his thick New York accent, penchant for colorful language, and never-ending knowledge of statistics. "Despite the fact that 80 percent of everyone agrees with me on 90 percent of everything, the corporate-controlled media says I can't win because I look like a train conductor with cotton candy hair, and I sound like a bullfrog with the personality of a library card," Adomian-as-Sanders says at the start of the video. "In short, they say that I'm boring."

Unlike many presidential impersonators, Adomian's portrayal of Sanders is kind of adorable in a geeky way. Though poking fun at Sanders' sometimes strident way of speaking, Adomian highlights some of the key aspects of Sanders' platform, such as wealth inequality, the Trans-Pacific partnership, and challenging the rights of corporations. The end of the video even references Sanders' eight-hour 2010 filibuster in protest of the proposed extension of President George W. Bush's tax cut legislation. Considering that most candidates get made fun of for their gaffes (such as Tina Fey's "I can see Russia from my house" Sarah Palin impersonation), it's kind of nice to see a candidate get made fun of for their commitment to citing facts and figures.

Scott Olson/Getty Images News/Getty Images

In my opinion, Adomian is clearly the best choice to take up the mantle of playing Sanders on Saturday Night Live. Imagine skits where he spars against Amy Poehler's Hillary Clinton? Not to mention the fact the impersonation would be even better with the help of SNL's professional makeup and costume departments, as I think Adomian is currently gluing two separate wigs to the side of his head to get the Sanders' hairstyle. But then again, if he is going for the "train conductor with cotton candy hair" look, he's definitely nailed it.

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