Kendall Jenner Plays Beauty Mad Libs, And It Shows Her Quirky, Playful Side

Sure, she's a serious model, but Kendall Jenner definitely knows how to play Mad Libs. Even though she seems to be the most soft spoken of the Kardashian/Jenner clan, she's got a playful, humorous side to her. In celebration of her new lipstick shade, The Estée Edit put a beauty Mad Lib in front of the supermodel, in which she name drops Angelina Jolie and gives us a peek into her brain.

The shade, which is a bright hue between red and orange, is called Restless, and I can imagine a night out with that lipstick would be just that. The fun color is perfect for the weather that doesn't seem to be cooling down. The matte lipstick is just the thing to make you stand out. As a fellow lazy girl myself, when I don't feel like drawing on my brows and putting blush on, I'll always swipe a dash of lipstick on, just to give myself a bit of color. And man, does it make a difference. If nothing else, always put on lipstick, my aunt always taught me. I think Kendall would agree.

Of course, Kenny's new lipstick is packaged glamorously as well, with her signature found on the top of the cap. Retailing at $30, it's definitely a pricier lipstick, but I've found that a quality lipstick with a deep, rich color that will last longer than one season tends to be on the pricier side.

Back to Mad Libs—apparently, Kendall's still on board with "fleek," and even references Angelina Jolie in her little sheet, pairing her with the adjective "silly." Titled "Beauty Tips," the Mad Libs sheet walks through the process of getting that lipstick on and looking on point. Most of the words Kendall chooses err on the side of glamour: lips, stunning, radiant, charming, and kiss all make an appearance. Ain't nothing wrong with having a little bit of word play!

Images: @KendallJenner/Instagram; Estèe Lauder