EDC Missed Connections Gives Concert Goers Another Chance At Exchanging Numbers, Because Music Festivals Are For Lovers (And Lust)

There’s no denying that fun was had by all of its 130,000 attendants at the Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) in Vegas earlier this month, during those blistering hot days of electronic debauchery. And, there were the surprising number of singles mingling with fellow electronic music lovers. It was a total love-fest. Ever since the event took place, dozens upon dozens of missed connection ads have sprouted online. And there’s a reason for this – a very clever reason. Knowing that the majority of attendants may not be sober during the event (it is Vegas, after all), Burner, an app that’s primarily known for allowing users to create unlimited, disposable phone numbers, partnered up with the marketing team at the EDC prior to the event and manufactured an official EDC Missed Connections page for attendees to reconnect with potential lovers after the weekend-long event commenced.

Just in case somebody didn’t get the chance (or were too afraid) to ask for a number when the event took place, Burner and those behind EDC are giving these attendees another shot at love. All you have to do write a quick missed connection ad by texting their story to a phone number listed on the website, and hope that that special someone replies. It’s genius, really. However, this isn't the first time it's been done. This missed connections system was also used at Coachella earlier this year. And needless to say, many connections were made as a result, and the wesite became prime reading material for young lovers.


The designated EDC missed connections page tells its fair share of stories – stories of love, stories of lust, and stories of barely comprehensible drunk messaging complete with piss-poor grammar. However, after taking a look at some amazing passages below, you may want to consider a music festival as a potential location to meet your mate. Or maybe not. Whatever. Regardless, here are some of the best missed connection ads that have appeared so far.

I hope that she’s the person who told him he had the James Franco smile. If not, this guy’s holding himself to quite the standard.

This one has to be written by a guy. I can tell because he doesn’t disclose his gender, and really doesn’t do much to describe the scenario. Everybody does this at music festivals!

This guy, on the other hand, gets it right. He’s descriptive ­– tells her what he was wearing, who’s set they were at, how they interacted, and who they were subsequently scolded by. Job well done. I hope you find her.

Sounds like Alison had herself a busy weekend.

She told him her name, yet he still refers to her as “Asian girl.”

Who would have ever guessed that a grown man with a Pikachu hat would be sought after? It was probably the accent.

Images: Pexels; edcmissedconnections.com