McDonald's "McBike," A Drive-Thru Box For Cyclists, Is One Genius Piece Of Engineering

Mickey D's is a classic in American food culture, but its drive-thru is currently going through a major upgrade. Let me introduce who "cherish and choose a healthier lifestyle," according to a promotional video released last Wednesday. Yup, McDonald's is making , and by the looks of it, this latest project is pretty cool.

In the video, a bunch of folks are seen happily pedaling along in the hectic world and finding sanctuary at their local McDonald's. But instead of disembarking and walking inside (as you normally would sans a vehicle), these hipsters stay on their two-wheelers and ride up directly to the store's drive-thru window. After a placing an order, what happens next is mind-blowing.

Because out comes the McBike — half-hotel door sign, half-Happy Meal box — but, of course, it's sporting a grown-up look for the environmentally conscious adult. The carrier, which can hold a burger, fries, and yes, a drink, hangs on your bike handle so you can easily transport the precious cargo back home. The video shows how the McBike unfolds to reveal the glorious treasure inside and even provides a quick look at how it was designed.


According to Wired, McDonald's worked with ad agency Tribal to develop the special packaging. Obviously some real engineering went into creating this genius contraption. Snaps for the team that came up with this game-changer.

The project launched in Copenhagen, Denmark, and then headed over to Medellin, Colombia. Next on the itinerary is Amsterdam and Tokyo, so sorry, Americans, you'll just have to wait a little bit longer to get your hands on a McBike. But — your cities' bike-friendly reputations are known far and wide. Hopefully the McBike will wheel over to your town soon.

Images: /YouTube