8 Patterned Wall Ideas That Don't Involve Wallpaper, So You Can Add Some Color Without Making A Mess

Nobody likes a boring, plain wall — and nobody likes dealing with the hassle that comes with hanging wallpaper either. There is a solution, though. Porch.com has rounded up eight super cute, ridiculously fun patterned wall ideas for when you feel like dressing up your space, but don't want to deal with the mess of wallpaper. Go ahead and get inspired.

By: Jacqui Adams, Content Marketing Specialist at Porch.com

Patterned walls are back in, and wallpaper remains, as ever, pretty much a giant pain to deal with. First, you have to find some paper that suits your style. Then, you have to practically take out a loan to afford the stuff. Then you have to glue it onto your walls — and you’d better get it on straight, because that glue is not kidding around. Lastly, if you ever get tired of it, you have to remove it, a process that any DIY renovator will tell you is one of the least fun of all time.

There’s got to be some other way to add character to your walls, right?

Right! If you’re into having a beautiful home with minimum headache tax, we’ve got you covered. Here are our eight absolute favorite ways to get pretty patterned walls, without the pain of wallpaper. Happy decorating!

1. Fabric wallpaper

Apartment Therapy

When is bold, punchy wallpaper inexpensive and easy to remove? When you use fabric! Just pick a print you love, and roll it on with cornstarch. Add a little water, and your fabric wall covering will peel off without leaving a mark.

2. Mini wall decals

The Lovely Wall Co.

Into pretty patterns, but not into a big commitment? Try a dotting of mini decals. These peel-and-stick vinyl cutouts will last for years if you’re into them, and will peel off without a trace once you’re over it.

3. Paint pen projector art

Owen’s Olivia

This delicate black and white wall treatment couldn’t be easier. Just grab a paint pen and a projector, and trace a design you love onto a plain white wall.

4. Patterned paint rollers

The Painted House

These patterned rollers are (seriously) brilliant — and ridiculously easy to use. Just paint a background color, choose a pattern color, and roll a fun floral, geometric, or woodsy pattern right onto your wall.

5. Stencils

Royal Design Studio

Among all of the wallpaper alternatives the craftiverse has to offer, stenciling is the prettiest — and the classiest. Choose from Moroccan motifs, French fleurs-des-lis, and quirky chevrons in multiple colors. When you’re ready for something new, no need to strip. Just paint over and start again.

6. Removable wallpaper

Kate Zaremba Company

This paper wallcovering is easy to wash and even easier to remove, and will last for as long as you love it. It also comes in a range of truly chic patterns: rainbow arrows, artsy leopard print, polka-dotted pineapples, and the colorful Otomi-inspired motif pictured are some of our faves.

7. Wall murals


If you’d love the look of a giant map or a woodland forest on your walls, go for a peel-and-stick vinyl wall mural. These decals are super easy to apply, and even easier to remove when you want to change it up.

8. Washi tape dots

Fellow Fellow

You already know all of the super-cute things you can do with washi tape. Try this purple polka-dotted twist for a custom accent wall that’s cute enough to copy.

Are your walls popping with pattern, or just plain? Do you love any of these ideas?

Top Image Credit: Kate Zaremba Company