7 Beauty Mistakes That Are Wasting Your Money, And How To Stop Making Them ASAP

Investing in your beauty routine doesn't have to be a big investment. In fact, you're probably making a lot of beauty mistakes that you don't realize are costing you a fortune. Little beauty mistakes here and there can absolutely add up over time, and it might surprise just how much they're hurting your wallet in the grand scheme of things. We've all been guilty of treating ourselves every now and then, but sometimes we may not know any better. It's not just buying expensive products that can be draining our wallets, but it's our everyday actions that can be adding up as well. Being addicted to all things beauty doesn't have to be an expensive lifestyle. You just need to know how to spend your money to get the most bang for your buck.

I get it — the world of beauty is very tempting. It seems that every time Urban Decay launches a new eyeshadow palette, I'm running off to my nearest makeup counter. However, you don't always have to succumb to the pressures of the beauty world. Living life as a beauty junkie can be affordable if you take the right precautions. Here are a few ways that you could be losing money due to your beauty routine.

1. Trend Items

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Remember that hair chalk you bought two years ago, and used once? Exactly. Trend items like these shimmery tattoos which, yes, are SUPER cool right now, but will most likely not be in style next year. These type of trends are such an easy way to blow your money. You have to decide whether losing that extra money is more or less important than all the Instagram likes you'll get.

2. Foundation

We have all been guilty of buying disappointing foundation. Before you think about purchasing a new bottle, make sure to ask for a sample. This will save you so much money in the long-run. Whether it's a formula you have never tried or a new foundation shade, always test it out. Most beauty counters will give you a small sample of any liquid product. Test out the foundation for a few days to make absolutely sure that you love it. Who has time to spend $50 on mediocre foundation?

3. Cute Packaging

Being sucked into buying an item due to it's adorable packaging is such common beauty mistake. Just because it will fabulous on your vanity does not mean it will be fabulous for your bank account. Consider the item for it's beauty benefits rather than it's visual appeal before you make the purchase.

4. Discount Face Wipes

I cannot tell you the amount of times I have bought cheap and disappointing face wipes. Every time I think I'm a genius for saving a few dollars on the wipes, when in actually I'm going to be frustrated later on how they don't actually work. Instead of wasting money on cheap essentials, invest the few extra dollars on makeup removing wipes that work. Try Neutrogena or Simple Skincare for affordable options that actually work.

5. Crazy Colors

Unless you are truly a lover of bright colors, be careful when buying colorful shadows. How many times are you really going to use a lime green eyeshadow or a black lipstick? If you can think of more then a handful of occasions then go for it!

6. Expensive Mascara

When it comes to mascara sometimes cheaper is better. Many drugstore options are essentially dupes for higher-end counterparts.

7. Lost Receipts

Did you know that a lot of drugstores will take returns on cosmetics? So don't keep that less-than-pigmented eyeliner. Get your money back!

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