Candace Bushnell Releases An Emojination Keyboard, So Now You Can Tell Your Friends How Badly You Need To Brunch After Your Hot Yoga Class

Feeling like your emoji pack is incomplete without a rolled-up yoga mat, a balding man, and a pink champagne cocktail? Brood no longer: Candace Bushnell's emojination keyboard is now available on iTunes, which means you never have to worry about actually typing out "I need a Bloody Mary ASAP" ever again.

The Sex and the City writer designed this special emoji keyboard — which, besides a Bloody Mary and a pink champagne cocktail also includes a martini, a scotch-and-soda, what appears to be a Negroni, and a smattering of some non-alcoholic icons, too — to promote her newest novel Killing Monica . The book, which comes out on June 30, follows the writer Pandy "PJ" Wallis. Wallis is known for her bestselling book that inspired a series of blockbuster movies, but now, the pop culture icon is intent on writing more substantial work, to the dismay of her audience and the outrage of her publishers.

The emoji pack is fittingly candy-colored and pop-culture-poking: like the gold "BFF" nameplate necklace (an homage to Carrie Bradshaw's signature jewelry, perhaps?) and "Sorry, Not Sorry" text block (in black and hot pink, natch).

Juggling career and family? Ate too much at lunch and have a food baby? Hungover? Ready to spend some of your hard-earned Lady Money? Running late? Or maybe you just needed to take a breath and remind everyone that you’re the director of your own life, thank you very much.Friends, they’re here. The emojis you’ve been waiting for. The emojis that say what women want to say, the way we want to say it. (Not that the guys won’t love these, too - they’re that good!) Now you can say it all with an emoji.

Head on over to the iTunes store to nab those virtual cocktails.