One Direction Launches 'Between Us' Fragrance With Hilarious Video, Showing They're More United Than Ever

1D suffered a major setback a few months ago when band member Zayn Malik suddenly left the group and since then, the band seems to be struggling to find their new identity as a foursome. But One Direction's new fragrance, Between Us, is launching, alongside a pretty hysterical video, proving they're totally over the Zayn loss (that makes one of us, 1D) and having a laugh while they're at it.

The comical promo video features each of the guys presenting a different ingredient to include in the perfume. Some of the notes include freesia flowers from the highest mountain, which Harry Styles had to climb, amber from the deepest ocean which Liam Payne went scuba diving for, apricot from space which required an intergalactic ride by Louis Tomlinson, and a single onion-induced tear from Niall Horan. I can't make this up, people. You have simply got to watch this for yourself, because I guarantee it will make you laugh out loud.

The boy band is definitely back with the goofy shenanigans their fans have come to know and love. It looks like they have finally gotten their mojo back. Not only does "Between Us" have interesting ingredients, but the packaging is also aesthetically pleasing. Take a look at the pretty bottle and swoon-worthy box.

Here are some highlights from the funny commercial.

1. Harry The Mountain Climber

He seems very focused on that flower.

2. Liam The Scuba Diver


3. Louise The Space Man

Part-time boy band singer, part-time space man

4. Niall The Tear Jerker

The best ingredient of all, of course.

Check out the full video below.

One Direction on YouTube

Between Us will be available at US Macy's stores in August.

Images: Youtube (4); Elizabeth Arden