Summer & Anna From 'The OC' Weren't That Different

There are few television love triangles that get me quite in the way that the one between The O.C. 's Summer, Seth and Anna does. Maybe it's because all sides of the triangle included pretty likable people. Sure, Seth and Summer were everyone's OTP, but, if Summer didn't exist, I think that Anna would have a shot at winning Seth's heart for real — even if the similarities between this would-be couple were sometimes a lot to deal with. But are Summer and Anna that different from one another? On the surface, it certainly seems so.

Summer likes designer shoes, tanning, and The Valley while Anna prefers vintage tees, Death Cab For Cutie, and graphic novels. Often, it seems like the only thing that the both care about is Seth (though they do eventually warm up to one another), but I'm not so sure that Cohen is the only thing that the Newport Beach ladies have in common.

There are plenty of things that separate Summer and Anna, but they're not quite as different as they appear. After all, Seth saw something he liked in both ladies, and something had to make these two cause Cohen's internal battle. Here's a Venn diagram that illustrates just how similar — and how different — the two sides of the love triangle really were.

Image: Warner Bros. Television; Dawn Foster/Bustle