Watch These Cookies Bake In A Car, Because It's The Most Delicious Hot Mess Your Eyes Will Feast On This Summer — VIDEO

It's hot as hell outside. There's no other way to say it. But we will have to get back to my own ramblings of how hot AF I am right now, because first we must appreciate the fact that at least we aren't nearly as hot as the people in Arizona. Someone baked cookies in the heat of their car. THAT's how hot it is in Arizona. The cookies actually baked at 115 degrees in the stifling Arizona heat. I need a glass of ice water just thinking about it. So before you complain about how hot you are, take solace in the fact that you, at the very least, are not able to bake cookies in your car.

*Takes a moment*

*Feels bad*

*Continues to complain about heat anyway*

I always forget that New York City is absolutely obscene in terms of sweat factor during the summer. In the dead of winter we somehow idealize the month of June, and assume that absolutely everything will be better once the snow melts, and we can walk outside without eight parkas and a winter hat. But then June rolls around, and the momentary bliss of May flowers is gone. And it's replaced by a heat that simply can't be countered by a few fans and an extra ice cube in your drink (unless your drink is alcoholic, in which case it might do the trick).

Watch the progression of the cookies baking in the car's 115 degree heat:


Two hours in:

Four hours in:

Watching the full video is the baking equivalent of listening to the Violent Femmes' "Blister in the Sun." I promise.

Am I the only one craving a chocolate chip cookie sundae now?

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