14 Fairy-Inspired Decor Ideas To Turn Your Pad Into A Magical Wonderland

I guess you could say I sort of have a thing for fairy-inspired decor. My heritage is Irish, so for me, fairies are kind of a big deal, even though most of our stories are downright terrifying (see changelings and the pooka). The Irish aren't the only ones to believe in these fanciful creatures, though. Whether you're following Taylor Swift's woodland fairy trend, or you're just afraid of making the "Good People" angry, adding a little fairy flair to your home can turn it into a magical wonderland.


Duvet Cover

You might not actually be sleeping in a fairy grove, but this duvet cover is pretty darn close.

Fine Art Duvet Cover, $125,


Stylish fairies make for a stylish bookcase.

Bookends- Fairy, $64,

Candle Holder

The fairies that live in lotus flowers are probably super zen.

Lotus Candle Holder, $29.81,

Bird Bath

Give the neighborhood birds — and fairies — a pretty place to get clean.

Garden Art Sculpture/Bird Bath, $61.20,


We all need a tea fairy in our lives, am I right?

A Gift From the Tea Fairy Mug, $15.29,

Wall Art

Even if you don’t want to go full fairy with your home, you can add just a touch of pixie dust with this wall art.

Fairy Watercolor Print, $12,

Flower Lights

Fairies will flock to these twinkle lights.

20 Pink-White-Purple Orchid Flower Fairy String Lights, $14.25,

Fairy Doors

Who wouldn’t want a secret fairy doorway in their house?

2 Mini Fairy Doors Vinyl Decals, $6.60,

Cookie Cutter

Yum, cookies!

Fairy Tail Cookie Cutter, $7.99,


The fair folk can protect against a lot of things — including water stains on your coffee table.

Fairy Art Tile/ Coaster, $14.49,

Throw Pillow

I love this accent pillow — it’s hard to beat vibrant colors and dancing fairies!

Custom Made Decorative Throw Pillow, $26.50,

Fairy Stained Glass

Great for a window overlooking your own fairy garden.

Stained Glass Fairy, $26,

Mason Jars

The fair folk won’t be able to resist coming to your next backyard BBQ if these adorable lights are out.

Mason Jar Lights, $5.99,


Clap twice if you believe!

Fairy Sign Believe In Fairies, $16,