BroBible Correspondent Wears Heels For A Day On Video, And Discovers How Painful They Can Be (Obviously)

BroBible, the website about "bro code, hot girls, funny stories, and videos" is definitely not everyday reading for me. But even I had to watch when Brandon Cohen, one of the BroBible correspondents, wore heels for a day and recorded it all on video. Any woman who's worn a pair of stilettos for a day knows it's a recipe for blisters, sore feet, and maybe even a high heel-related injury. I had high expectations for Cohen's video, and it definitely exceeded them.

He started the day at 8:30 a.m., when he opened a shoebox containing a pair of strappy black stilettos from Torrid. This is where I give Cohen credit — he could have worn a pair of kitten heels or a pair of chunky midi-heels that are in style right now, but he went straight for a pair that was almost guaranteed to be uncomfortable. Within minutes, that proved to be the case.

"I'm already in so much pain, it's astounding," he told the camera as he walked down the hallway outside his apartment within 30 minutes of putting on the shoes.

The day just got better from there as Cohen delivered classic (read: sexist) lines such as, "I feel like people like to talk about how girls are pissy and in bitchy moods sometimes, and I completely get it right now. Like, I want to kill everybody."

He spent the day working at his office, conducting interviews on the street and venturing to a mall and out to lunch, all while eliciting stares from passersby. By the end of the day, he gave up on his evening plans in favor of Advil and sleep. I feel ya, Brandon. We've all been there.

You can hear more of his remarks and see scenes from his day wearing heels in the video below.