9 Alien Inspired Fashion And Beauty Items So You Can Embrace Your Inner Alien Warrior Princess In Style

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I've always been a big fan of bold hair and makeup, but until recently, I never felt alien inspired fashion was something I could pull off myself. Let me explain: I had always admired queer beauty icons like Arabelle Sicardi, but usually gravitated towards the neutral. Natural-looking makeup and all-black and grey clothing encompassed my aesthetic in high school. I was cautious about pushing my look any further than that, and instead opted to blend with my peers as much as possible. But after high school, and especially in the past year, I left those drab looks behind me and dove in to a more colorful palette.

College ushered in a time of total acceptance of myself and, most importantly, coming out as queer. With the newfound confidence these developments gave me, I began experimenting majorly with crazy-colored lipsticks, hair colors, and cuts. I sought to exaggerate my features in any way possible, using tools like eyebrow pencils, nail polish, and unconventional beauty colors like green and purple.

When it was all said and done, I began noticing how I was growing further and further away from shy natural beauty queen, and closer to a slightly strange aesthetic. Looking at myself in the mirror, rocking bold brows, green metallic lipstick, and my grey silver-colored hair thrown up in a top knot, all I could think was "alien." And I say this in the most loving way possible.

Being a queer demigirl, and being a teenager in general, certainly made me feel like an alien — an outsider. But as I've aged and since I've come out, I've been embracing beauty routines I'm more comfortable with. And I feel comfortable in my own skin and identity. "Alien" is both an identity and a beauty look I've claimed to empower myself (and because I really love bold and bright makeup). If "alien chic" sounds like a beauty look you're interested in trying, check out this extraterrestrial toolbox.

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