The 'Scream Queens' Premiere Date Is Finally Here, Thanks To Emma Roberts & A Very Exciting Instagram

Gather round the campfire, all you creepy, slightly sadistic people with a flair for dark humor. I have news for you. And, it’s not just any news. This particular announcement should pique your interest, because the premiere date of the Scream Queens has been released, after so, so much anticipation. On Wednesday evening, Emma Roberts uploaded a picture to her Instagram that announced that the show will debut on Tuesday, September 22. You know what that means, guys and ghouls. We have less than three months to prepare ourselves for whatever new zany and addictive adventure Ryan Murphy has in store for us.

The actress excitedly captioned the picture saying, “It's all happening!!!! #ScreamQueens.” Sure, it’s her show to promote, but isn’t it reassuring to know that someone starring in the show is just as impatient and anxious as we are to see it? Especially considering the fact that they were actually there for the filming? I’d like to take the fervor from the cast as an omen of great things to come. Great things, meaning, top notch entertainment for us. Because, from what I’ve read and heard so far, there aren’t too many great things in store for the ill-fated characters. But, I suppose that is what you get from a show that’s half Horror, is it not? Regardless, I’m just glad that we now know all of our Tuesdays this fall are booked.

Here are some people who may even be more pumped for the Scream Queens series premiere than Roberts:

I sense that this may be the new fave show to live tweet, don't you?

Image: Steve Dietl/Fox