Cindy Crawford And Her Daughter Post Gorgeous Instagram Photo, And They Basically Look Like Twins

No one is going to be shocked to find out that Cindy Crawford's daughter, Kaia Gerber, is gorgeous. With genes like those, it'd actually be more shocking if she wasn't. However, the most shocking thing might be that Gerber and her mother are practically twins. Cindy Crawford posted an Instagram of herself and her daughter and it proved that you probably will turn into your mother, if not in actions then probably in appearance.

Gerber, who is only thirteen, may not have moved into modeling quite yet, but she totally should. The teen has already posed in angel wings, and there's some serious compelling evidence— i.e., her face— that shows she looks a whole heck of a lot like former Victoria's Secret model Miranda Kerr. While she's clearly too young to rock the epic wings of a Victoria's Secret angel on the catwalk, could she rock the brand's young label PINK in the future? Only time will tell what she decides to do, but for now, she's blowing up Instagram on both her mom's social media and an Instagram featuring photos of her taken by brother Presley.

Crawford's latest post of herself and her daughter showcase the two sitting atop an island in the middle of Crawford's massive and enviable closet. With bright smiles on their faces, the pair holds their adorable pups in their arms. The model appears to be posing for a piece in The Thick, a digital editorial platform featuring images and interviews with industry insiders.

Whatever the images are for, the main message here is that Crawford and Gerber both look happy to be in each other's company...and also that they look like twins, or sisters at the least. Werk it, Cindy.