Taraji P. Henson Joins 'The Best of Enemies' & Here's Why She's Perfect For The Role

Calling all Empire fans: Here's some news that might manage to elicit a sincere smile from Cookie Lyon’s tightly clenched, rouge-painted lips. According to Deadline, Taraji P. Henson has joined The Best of Enemies, which will be produced by Empire creator Danny Strong and directed by Hunger Games producer Robin Bissell. The film will recount the true story of civil rights activist Ann Atwater, and, as Deadline reports, her "decade-long battle with sworn enemy C.P. Ellis, the Exalted Cyclops of Durham’s Ku Klux Klan." The actual events that inspired the film are directly based Osha Gray Davidson's book, The Best of Enemies: Race and Redemption in the New South. Based on the film plot alone, I’m already convinced that Henson is the perfect actress for this role.

First of all, if she can totally win over millions of TV fans by playing the manipulative and abrasive Cookie Lyon, then she'll have no problem winning over fans by taking on the role of a respectable, fearless, female civil rights leader. The Best of Enemies doesn’t begin production until 2016, but in the meantime, I can imagine various ways in which Henson will totally own this role.

Considering Henson has demonstrated her stellar acting skills time and time again, here’s why she totally deserves this new role:

She'll Portray A Strong Woman

If you don't already know, Henson has perfected the art of breathing life into many fiery female characters such as Atwater.

She's Extremely Versatile

Henson totally killed it as the host of Saturday Night Live , she's performed at the Oscars, and she's played Brad Pitt's mother in The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. Now, I'm not saying Henson's new movie role won't be challenging — but clearly she's got this.

She Doesn't Hold Anything Back

Don't expect her performance in The Best of Enemies to be any different.

She Can Do No Wrong

OK, so I'm totally biased here, but I have a good reason to be — check out some of Henson's previous movie and TV roles. Trust me when I say that she's flawless on film.

It's A Totally Different Role To Cookie Lyon

Don't get me wrong — I love Cookie. At the same time, though, I don't want my love of her to get to a burnout stagee where her Empire character basically holds Henson hostage. This film (and other projects) allows her to keep her options open. (Pretty sure Cookie would totally kill me for saying that.)

The Role Could Lead to An Oscar

The film hasn't even gone into production, but I'm pre-nominating Henson for the top award (Is that even possible?)

In other words, Henson is the best and will probably rule Hollywood pretty soon (if we're lucky enough!) — this role couldn't be more perfect for her.

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