Kendall Jenner Says Makeup Artists Are Scared Of Her, But Let's Face It, We All Want Perfect Eyeliner, Too

You know that moment when you've painstakingly tried to apply liquid eyeliner and one line is thicker than the other? Or when everything looks flawless until one wrong flick of the wrist and there's a bump in your impeccable line? Well, Kendall Jenner feels your pain. In fact, that's why Kendall Jenner says makeup artists are scared of her.

Jenner spoke with People this week regarding her relationship with makeup artists when it comes to her self professed perfectionist ways. Jenner says, "I'm so picky, makeup artists are scared of me." She went on to explain that she used to allow makeup artists to do whatever they wanted with her look but has since changed.

"I’m a perfectionist," she said, "If someone is doing my eyeliner, it has to be exactly the same on both sides, super-straight. If there’s a tiny little bump, it has to be fixed. Our family makeup artists are scared of me sometimes!" Because of this, it's probably a good thing that the stunning model has her own lipstick line with Estee Lauder.

While I'm sure Jenner will be met with cries of "what a spoiled brat" and "I bet she's rude," let's take a moment to consider that if you had professionals working on your mug before an event where you would be dissected and criticized for the next two weeks, wouldn't you want your eyeliner to be on fleek? And for those haters out there, Jenner does have a makeup artist to back her up.

Estee Lauder global makeup artist Victor Henao understands where Jenner is coming from after working with her for the Fragance Foundation Awards. He says, "Kendall came in with a vision...I love when models do that, because in general they do different looks all the time. They come in and they’re kind of like, ‘Who do I want to be tonight? Who is Kendall tonight?’ They want to be their true self for one night. … [Kendall] will tell me what she wants, and then we kind of go from there as it’s growing and coming to life.”

Kendall is a partner when she works with makeup artists. Based on Henao's words, we can assume that she wants to have input on what happens with her makeup. While part of modeling is being able to adapt, Jenner's criticism of artists' work could be limited to her personal appearance as opposed to her model work. We're just unsure. The fact of the matter though is that Jenner wants to control her look, and I can't blame her for that.

Images: Kendall Jenner/Instagram (2)