Vera Wang Talks Knowing When To Quit Your Dreams And How To Build New Ones

Vulnerable, real, and insanely talented, Vera Wang is a woman worthy of some serious admiration. In a recent interview with NYMag, Vera Wang talked about knowing when to quit your dreams, and how to step back, heal, and build new ones. Whether you've barely started your career journey or are decades in, her advice 100 percent applies.

Wang's first lesson in discovering new chances started with figure skating. After skating since the age of 7, she realized in her late teens that the Olympics would always be out of reach. "So I quit," she said. "[And] I didn't know if I was ever going to be able to find something else in my life that meant quite as much. To bounce back from that, it takes so many different things. It takes time. It takes an acceptance that you have to move on. And it takes being open to new experiences." #Preach! Healing emotionally from the past is the first step on a new journey.

Wang then spoke fondly of her days at Vogue, but realized after 15 years there, it was time to go. She explained,"I didn't feel like I had reached the summit, the absolute top. It wasn't like I was insanely ambitious, but in my own mind, I always fell short. And I think these two events were very influential for my outlook on life now. And what I do now couldn't have happened without the first two."

Phew, as a twenty-something navigating the career world, hearing Wang's words about trusting your gut to make a change is insanely comforting. Settling for something less than you're meant to do should never be an option!

While Wang's entire interview is legit inspiring (you need to read it), I think her ending quote is my favorite part. Wang shared an old skater's saying: "Don't be afraid of falling. It's 90 percent falling — otherwise, you don't master anything ... It's the same thing in life. There are other places to go. Other things to try. So don't be afraid of failing. I think not trying is worse than failing." Me too, Wang, me too.

P.S. let's be real. Who wouldn't take advice from Carrie Bradshaw's wedding dress designer?!

Image Credit: VeraWangGang/Instaram; Giphy