UK Company Nailbox Is Offering a $55,000 Per Year Salary To Test Out Nail Polishes, And It's Basically Our Dream Job

U.K.-based readers, take note. If you love painting your nails and have a passion for discovering the latest products, you could be making £35,000 ($55,000) a year testing out nail polishes. U.K.'s Nailbox has a job opening for a "nail tester" who can work remotely in the U.K. Your job? To paint your nails. Yup, that's it.

The beauty e-commerce site curates a "Trendbox," and the company naturally needs someone to make sure subscribers receive the best products and tools on the market. That's where the nail tester comes in. This lucky employee will receive a box of 50 nail polishes, base coats, top coats, removers and nail tools each month and be expected to photograph and review them all. The company is offering a high enough salary that doing your nails could actually become a full-time job.

In a job posting on its website, Nailbox explains it's looking for a person with a genuine interest in hair and nails who has "a critical eye," keeps up with new fashions, and has "well maintained hands and nails." (Looks like nail-biters need not apply). As an added bonus, the lucky winner of this job has to avoid washing dishes while they're testing products, aka they just won the chore lottery.

While this job sounds too good to be true, the odds of being hired are pretty slim. The posting says Nailbox has seen an "overwhelming response" so far. But if you're not deterred (and living in the U.K.), you can apply on the website until June 30 by explaining why you deserve the job in 100 words or less.

Image: @nailbox/Instagram; TheKarenD/Flickr