This E! Reporter Dressed Up Like North West For A Whole Week, And It Was Pretty Much Amazing

I think we can all agree: North West has a fabulous fashion sense that we can all learn from. However, Bruna Nessif, a writer from E!, took it next level and decided to dress up like North West for a week. She also documented all the reactions she received and yes, it was pretty much everything. Nessif admits that she and her colleague were inspired by the editor from Elle who also recreated Kim Kardashian's outfits for a week and decided to try the same experiment with North West's style. Honestly, I much preferred it. From a Yeezus Jacket to North West's iconic tutu, Nessif practically nails each look and explains how she felt wearing them out in public.

I've got to admit, it was brave of her to dress around town looking similar to the celebrity toddler, but hey, she totally rocked it. I mean, let's get this straight: whatever North West wears, she looks absolutely adorable in. But I, too, would of course be a little skeptical in sporting her outfits as a grown 23-year old.

But because of Nessif's dedication, it actually turned out better than I'd imagine and I applaud her for doing it for the sake of journalism. Ranking her comfort level from a scale of 1-10, most of North's outfits were actually pretty comfortable for Nessif.

By the end of the experiment, the hardworking E! reporter came to the conclusion that it, "was an interesting experience taking on the life of a toddler who has already proven to be much higher on the Cool-o-Meter than me, and if anything, this experiment only further confirmed that. North's fashion is great, trendy and obviously super chic, and some days, we had the exact same style."

But you know what? We think you looked great, too, Bruna! We could only suspect that North West and Mama Kim would be flattered.

Here's Nessif rocking the parka and tutu look:

Her comfort level on the parka was a 4 and the tutu was a 7.

On the parka she explains, "I got so much side-eye and WTF-is-wrong-with-her glances from strangers. People even started asking me, "You know it's June, right? Why are you wearing that?" And the tutu's reason? "Because it's Friday!" she explained. Perfect explanation.

Another look from the experiment was the Frozen backpack look. One word: HILARIOUS.

Now this is some serious dedication. Although Nessif got some serious rug burns, her comfort level remained at a 9. Nice.

All in all, it was super cool seeing a fellow writer recreate the toddler fashionista's looks. Head over to E! to see all of Nessif's North West looks!