Steal Chloe Sevigny's Chill & Edgy Summer Look

by Lindsey Rose Black

When you live in Manhattan, you have to learn how to adapt your beauty routine to work with seasonal weather changes. One celeb that's clearly got summer in the city style on lockdown is Chloe Sevigny, as reported in Vogue. Maybe the heat is just no match for the actress' signature cool girl glam vibes, but one thing's for sure: I want to steal Chloe Sevigny's fresh-faced and glowy summer look.

Strolling the crowded streets, Sevigny was spotted the other day in a cute white lace top (with a black tank underneath to keep it from being too cutesy), denim cut-offs, and big black shades. What really stood out though was her perfect, barely-there makeup.

The best part about it all?Sevigny's fresh-faced look is easy to achieve. With the right products, you can rock it for yourself no problem and give off a gorgeous glow (instead of sweaty grease glow) all day long.

Beyond Sevigny's subtle makeup, her wavy blonde locks were totally on point. She's giving off that "I don't care but I care just enough to look amazing" tousled curl vibe. Basically anyone can pull off the soft beach waves look and it's a breeze to get. Don't stress about perfect curls, the messier your lovely strands end up looking, the better! If you're wanting to try it all for yourself, I recommend the products below.

1. BB Cream

For hot days, the last thing you want is to drown your face in sticky foundations and powders. BB cream will provide nice light coverage and a subtle glow.

(BB Beauty Cream, $18, Dr. Jart+)

2. Cheek Stain

Again with trying to avoid sticky powder, cheek stain is a perfect way to add just a little easy color to your face. I've been obsessed with this one from Tarte since I was a wee teen.

(Cheek Stain, $30, Tarte)

3. Lip Balm

Keep your lips hydrated and smooth with a low-key lip balm. You can always go for one with a hint of color if you prefer!

(Organic Lip Balm Set of 3, $8.95, The Honest Company)

4. Good Ol' Bobby Pins

If your hair isn't naturally wavy, twist it up and pin with bobby pins when you get out of the shower. Either let it dry that way or hit it with the blow dryer and, once the pins are out, you'll have gorgeous soft waves. For an extra tousled Sevigny vibe, curl a few random sections with a hot iron.

(Ombre Bobby Pins, $3, Sephora)

Image Credit: TWFashionWorld/Twitter; Dr. Jart+; ; Tarte The Honest Company The Honest Company Sephora