10 Reindeer Cats To Make Christmas Even Better

Cats in antlers. What more do you need in life, really? Nothing, that's what. They're cute, they're grumpy, they're holiday-themed! Because if Christmas is going to take over all our lives every November and December, we at least better get some cat reindeers out of the bargain. And if this doesn't make you want to buy some mini-antlers and slip a pair on your own unsuspecting pet, we don't know what will.

This cat cannot be bothered with his antler situation right now, he's too busy reading up on more important things. Like Sarah Palin's War on Christmas, perhaps.

Image: aprilandrandy/Flickr

These cats aren't sure how they became reindeer, but they're okay with it because at least they are reindeer together. It will be much easier to pull Santa's sleigh that way.

Image: agavejon/YouTube

This cat really doesn't understand how this reindeer thing happened, but is silently making a vow to stop drinking so much in the middle of the week.

Image: Marc Bishop/Youtube

This cat is very introspective and thoughtful about the whole reindeer thing. Because once you find out you have antlers, it's very important you also discover what that means.

Image: Amanda Kant/YouTube

This cat is a reindeer yes, but we don't need to talk about it. It's a thing that happened, no need to fuss.

As soon as this cat finds the parties responsible for this, there will be blood. It will not be pretty, but at least it will be a good Christmas-y color.

Image: Kelly Averett/YouTube

This cat is rocking the whole reindeer thing with style and grace.

Image: Talking Cats/YouTube

This cat can only assume that these antlers are a crown conferring some sort of richly deserved royalty

Image: Chelsea Sektnan/vimeo

This cat can't help but despair that her life has come to this.

Image: hukee/Flickr

This cat doesn't care that he's a reindeer. And to prove it, he's going to fall asleep, just to show you how boring the whole thing is.

Image: RandomHour421/YouTube