See A Woman With Alopecia Try Three Brow Looks

Eyebrow trends come and they go, but what about the eyebrows themselves? Well, they are always there, no matter how much you pluck, wax, thread, or reshape them. They grow back. There are exceptions, though. BuzzFeed's "The Power Of Eyebrows" video features Jannica Olin, a woman who lost her eyebrows due to alopecia a year ago, an autoimmune condition. In the video, makeup artist Lili Kaytmaz recreates three key, easy-to-do looks, from dramatic to simple, demonstrating just how transformative brows really are for your face.

While I can imagine that it is a bit of a nuisance to deal with losing your eyebrows, the positive is that Olin has the freedom and tools to create whatever type of brows she wishes and whenever she wants. She can change her brow shape or hue according to her mood or style — and it seems like Olin is fully appreciative of this positive.

Olin noted that she learned how "important they are for your face" when she lost her brows.

Kaytmaz expertly recreated the classic, flirty brow, the bold, Cara Delevingne power brow, and the light and soft, Taylor Swift-like brow for Olin. Each looked totally different on her and she had fun experimenting and playing.

Here is Olin... without brows. Don't you love her porcelain skin and how her long, glossy layers frame her lovely face?

Check out the results, which certainly vary from brow to brow.

1. Classic + Flirty

This not-too-dramatic brow style boasts a high arch, adding length to the face. Olin confessed that it made her feel "awake and more femme fatale." Rawr! This was my favorite, since the brows paired so beautifully with her gorgeous, stick straight locks and didn't overwhelm her features.

2. Bold + Powerful

"That’s a lot of eyebrow" was Olin's reaction, and I get it. It's a strong, "look at me!" brow. She said she wouldn't go outside with these. That's probably because her face is heart-shaped and delicate, and the brows are such a strong contrast. It's still a fun look she can test on a Girls' Night Out!

3. Light + Soft

This subtle brow was her favorite. She even exclaimed that these were her brows! They're thin and sculpted, but they worked with her features. You can tell by her smile that this brow shape and depth suited her just fine.

If you happen to be suffering from alopecia, and have lost your brows, you can craft beautiful styles with some practice, product, and tools! This video is proof.

Watch the video below.

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