5 Ways to Look Well-Rested

There's no substitute for a good night's sleep. But sometimes there's no substitute for a good night out, either. And that's why it's wise to have a few tools in your arsenal to fake your way to looking well-rested. Why bother? Sleep-deprived people are perceived as less happy, healthy and attractive. Luckily, the few traits universally associated with sleepyheads can easily be overcome.

A 2010 study looked at visual traits associated with sleep deprivation. The biggest indicators: "Hanging eyelids, redder eyes, more swollen eyes and darker circles under the eyes." Pale skin, wrinkles, and drooping mouths were also seen as signs of poor sleep. Most of these can be easily remedied. To impersonate well-rested, it just takes ...

1. Water

It's basic, sure. But dry skin makes you look tired by making fine lines look more pronounced, and one of the best ways to beat dry skin is to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Slap some moisturizer on while you're at it, too.

2. An Eyelash Curler

I stole this tip from Oprah. No, you may not be able to remedy drooping eyelids, but an eyelash curler could help mitigate the situation. Upturned lashes make your eyes look bigger and more open. According to O, you'll get the best results by squeezing a lash curler once at your lashline, once in the middle of your lashes and once at the ends.

3. Eye Drops

I tend to associate eye drops with college kids trying not to look stoned when the RA comes knocking. But there are legitimate grown-up reasons to use eye-drops — like trying not to look hungover on your way to the office. Eye drops may cause some problems when used too frequently, but used sparingly you should be okay.

4. Bronzer

I don't really get why pale skin is supposedly associated with sleepiness. But maybe dust on some bronzer, just in case? It could help balance out those dark circles.

5. Eye Brightener

Dark circles around the eyes and bags underneath are really the tell-tale sign of too-little sleep. Concealers and eye brighteners (dabbed underneath and at the inner corners of the eyes) can help. I don't usually give make-up advice, but I really like Neutrogena's "Skin Brightening Eye Perfecter." There are also creams like Benefit's "It's Potent" that actually fade dark circles instead of just covering them up.

Image: Fotolia