SCOTUS Just Saved Obamacare — And Here Are 19 People Who’d Like To Kiss Them On The Mouth Right Now

On Thursday, roughly 6.4 million Americans were able to keep their affordable health insurance when the Supreme Court ruled in favor of Obamacare (a.k.a. the Affordable Care Act). And make no mistake, that was big. The court's decision declares that all states, regardless of whether they had set up their own healthcare exchange or were relying on the federal exchange, are able to grant their residents tax subsidies that keep the cost of health care down. While the Supreme Court may have crushed the plaintiffs' attempt to unravel the Affordable Care Act (simultaneously deflating the hope of conservatives everywhere), its decision has millions of Americans jumping for joy and heaving huge sighs of relief.

But is it any wonder? If the Supreme Court had ruled against Obamacare, it would have amounted to nothing short of a nationwide disaster. (And no, I'm not exaggerating here.) Prohibiting the 34 states with federally run exchanges from granting subsidies would have caused health plan premiums in those states to spike, forcing the insured to drop their coverage or pay an exorbitant amount to be covered. This would have created what some have called a "death spiral" of healthy people dropping their insurance plans only for sicker people to pay higher premiums — the exact scenario that the Affordable Care Act was designed to avoid.

Luckily, though, nobody had to experience this so-called death spiral (which sounds so terrifying that it's kind of incredible the whole was ever a possibility at all). The Supreme Court's ruling has effectively saved Obamacare, and the justices who ruled in favor of it should know just how grateful and relieved Americans are about it. Take these 19 Twitter users, for example, who are breaking out in all sorts of happy dances right now:

Yep, it's a pretty awesome day to be American. SCOTUS, I heart you.