Amy Poehler & Seth Meyer Reunite For "Really?!" Sketch & It Was The Perfect Throwback To An 'SNL' Classic — VIDEO

A tweet by Sports Illustrated's Andy Benoit was offensive and beyond insulting to female athletes all of the globe, but it DID get two of our favorite comedians to bring back one of the most beloved SNL segments of all time. Seth Meyers and Amy Poehler performed "Really!? with Seth and Amy" on Late Night with Seth Meyers, and it was everything. In the segment, Meyers and Poehler call out Benoit for tweeting, "women's sports in general are not worth watching," in reference to the Women's World Cup, in which Team USA is totally dominating, by the way, and are currently competing in the quarterfinal.

Meyers and Poehler co-hosted Weekend Update together from 2008 to 2006, and their chemistry and sharp joke delivery skills made them one of the absolute best pairs. The "Really!?" segment, which involves direct delivery to the camera and using hilarious comparisons to expose the ridiculousness of any given scandal, was an effective way to both make us laugh and get an important political point across. The comedians used "Really!?" to discuss a variety of feminist topics, including fair access to birth control, the absurd awfulness of Don't Ask Don't Tell, and former Governor of New York Eliot Spitzer's embroilment in a prostitution scandal.

View their epic reunion last night, and three of their best "Really?!" segments below.

Women's Sports

Badass female athletes too often get ignored, and are almost always condescended to. Meyers and Poehler have a message about how often this happens, and how men's aversion to women's sports is totally misogynistic, considering how they are willing to dedicate their day to actually boring things like golf.

Birth Control Debate

When the GOP hosted a panel on birth control access under Obama's healthcare law, they failed to invite any women. "Really!? That's like inviting all women to debate the Maxim Top 100," Poehler says. "Don't tell me what to do!" That line should be our women's rights anthem.

Don't Ask Don't Tell

"I'm going to go to Afghanistan for 18 months, where people are gonna try to kill me, but I might catch a glimpse of some dude's weiner in the shower." Well-said.

Eliot Spitzer Prostitution Scandal

This one's a throwback. Governor Spitzer's involvement with a high-end prostitution ring was a huge scandal at the time. Though it's a scandal that has not been mentioned in years, the jokes hold up. Meyers calls Spitzer out on unsafe sex: "You wanted to have sex with a hooker but you didn't want to wear a condom? That might make sense if you were client number one, but you were client number nine. I mean, really!?"

Kanye Interrupting Taylor Swift

I'mma let you finish, but "Really!?" is one of the best bits of all time. Meyers and Poehler's healthy dose of cynicism reminds Kanye that the VMAs don't really matter. Meyers' message to Kanye? It's like "if you see an old lady with a 'World's Best Grandma' mug, and you know a better grandma, DON'T knock the mug out of her hand." If you don't think this segment was the greatest one in SNL history, well, all I have to say to you is... really!?

Image: NBC