Chocolate That Doesn't Melt In Your Hands Is Now Real, Because Science Loves Us And Wants Us To Be Happy

If you're a self-proclaimed chocoholic like me, you've probably had the unfortunate experience of having chocolate melt while it was in your hands (or in your bag, or on your kitchen counter, or wherever). Well, science has now solved this problem, previously the bane of chocolate connoisseurs everywhere: Chocolate that won't melt — or at least, chocolate that's more resistent to heat — is now a reality, thanks to Barry Callebaut AG,one of the world's biggest makers of bulk chocolate. Today is a glorious day, indeed.

Frederic Depypere, a research and development manager at Barry Callebaut AG, is the main man behind this invention. Where did the inspiration to make such a product come from? His travels, interestingly. When he took a trip to China five years ago, he found his chocolate melting in the heat — not something he was used to happening in his home country of Belgium. “I thought if we want to bring a product to countries like China or India, we need to change something,” he told Bloomberg Business.

Apparently, there is a huge opportunity to expand the chocolate market into countries with warmer climates; accordingly, developing chocolate that can withstand higher temperatures will only become more crucial in the future. “In five to 10 years, heat-resistant chocolate will be more important than premium chocolate in the Middle East and Africa, as they don’t have the necessary infrastructure to keep it cool,” Euromonitor analyst Jack Skelly told Bloomberg Business.

The chocolate Depypere helped to develop remains in a solid state at temperatures up to 100 degrees Fahrenheit and 38 degrees Celsius, making it able to withstand hot summer days. Depypere says his new innovative chocolate is ready to go to market; however, it seems like he and Barry Callebaut AG will need to hurry if they want to beat their competitors to the punch. Bloomberg Business reports that other brands are also working on similar products.

Besides the fiscal advantages, I hope that Barry Callebaut AG will release their heat-resistant chocolate soon, since I've already started to count the numerous times when unmeltable chocolate will be useful. Who hasn't wished for an unmeltable treat in these situations?

1. During Outdoor Events

Chowing down on chocolate during fun outdoor events like street fairs, carnivals, and concerts is usually half of the reason I want to go in the first place. Unfortunately, though, I find that all too often, the chocolate is melting all over me before I can even get the chance to eat it. Imagine how chocolate that doesn't melt could be savored that much more!

2. While Making S'mores

We all know how lovely it is when we're making s'mores by a campfire and the chocolate on your s'more sandwich melts in between the marshmallow and graham cracker layers. But sometimes I wish the chocolate would stay solid so that I could enjoy the contrast between the gooey marshmallow and the chewy chocolate. Unmeltable chocolate would be a great solution to this conundrum.

3. When Keeping Chocolate On Reserve

I often store a few pieces of chocolate in my purse in case I need an emergency snack. But usually this chocolate just ends up melting, and when I open it to enjoy it, I find a big, sticky mess. Unmeltable chocolate would be a great solution to this problem.

4. During Sexy Times

OK, I won't be too graphic here but eating chocolate off of someone's skin is a lot more fun when it's not melting all over your face.

5. On a Picnic

Picnic's are such a fun way to get outdoors and enjoy nature, but if you bring any kind of chocolate with you, it's almost guaranteed to melt. Unmeltable chocolate would totally solve this problem and make your sweet treats edible during any stage of your picnic.

Images: Chocolate Reviews/Flickr; Giphy (5)