Miley Cyrus Named PETA's Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrity & She Absolutely Deserves The Achievement

After dedicating her life to animals, the vegan lifestyle, and respecting our environment and its creatures, Miley Cyrus is now PETA's Sexiest Vegetarian Celebrity of 2015. If anyone deserves the title, it's Cyrus, who has never once shied away from standing up for animals, especially when it comes to the 22-year-old's own pets. It wasn't an easy choice for PETA when selecting Cyrus, the official website states. That's not a dig at the singer, but rather the organization says there are just so many vegan and vegetarian celebs that they would have loved to give all of them an award. Ultimately, Cyrus took the plant-based crown for 2015.

Cyrus definitely deserves the recognition. Whether she's sharing photos of her pets on Instagram, writing a song about her blowfish Pablow, making her pig a star on Paper magazine, or declaring herself a vegan, the "Wrecking Ball" singer continuously raises animal awareness. As she once wrote on Instagram, "The luxurious life of a vegetarian in LA... So many good plants/fruits/veggies to eat you ain't gottttta eat dead animals! Everything that goes into my body is aliiiiivvvve! To keeeep ME alive! Love this life!"

So, what does one do or receive when awarded this honor? A lifetime supply of fruits and veggies! OK, not really. All celebs get is the title and the honor of being recognized for their animal-friendly ways, which sounds great to me. However, if I won the title, I would appreciate a lifetime supply of hummus.

Cyrus joins the ranks of many other famous faces who've also taken home the sexy PETA award, including Jared Leto, Ellen Page, Kristen Bell, Jessica Chastain, Woody Harrelson, Olivia Wilde, and Carrie Underwood, to name a few.

Congratulations, Miley!