Bonobos Is Raising $50,000 For The #BonobosOrphanProject, Helping Rescue & Care For Primates In A Congo-Based Sanctuary

You can now snag some warm and fuzzy feelings along with your gingham shirts and never-below-the-knee swim trunks because Bonobos plans on raising $50,000 for the #BonobosOrphanProject. The funds will go to Lola Ya Bonobo, a sanctuary based in Congo (where the largest population of bonobos live) that rescues, rehabs, and releases the primates. It's especially important because bonobos are now endangered, thanks to generally unsavory local practices like the illegal bushmeat trade (vegan, anyone?) and a raging civil war.

In his statement on Indiegogo, the personal fundraising site where donations for the #BonobosOrphanProject are being accepted, founder Andy Dunn points out that while Bonobos customers are the most evolved men on the planet, in a lot of ways, bonobos are perhaps the most evolved primates, period. They live in matriarchal, LGBT-friendly societies where love is preferred over war and playtime is a priority.

Dunn proved that in addition to great style, he's also got a heart of gold. The Bonobos founder personally donated $25,000, which is half of the amount needed to cover the costs of medicine, care, and tracking for the rescued bonobos, plus a motorized canoe for the caretakers to travel through the sanctuary.

Considering that the sanctuary is about the size of Manhattan, $50,000 seems pretty reasonable - that would barely cover a studio apartment, a MetroCard, and a stream of ramen noodles in NYC for most of us human primates.

Still not convinced that these cuties need rescuing? Here are some #totesadorbs photos (and a video) of bonobos cuddling, eating, using a cup to drink out of a stream, and being literally the cutest creatures on the planet.

Head over to Indiegogo now to donate, and then pat yourself on the back for the good deed by snapping up something for yourself over at Bonobos. These hibiscus-print man-spadrilles aren't just going to wear themselves!

Images : @officialdunn/Instagram, @Bonobodotorg/Twitter, @acci_iowa/Instagram, @thedodo/Instagram, @elizabethkamaleilani/Instagram, @Bonobos/Instagram