21 Gifts for Boys and Girls That Will Make You the Best Aunt EVER

Their parents are getting them the things they asked for and the things they need. They’re counting on you to give them the unexpected, awesome thing they didn’t know they wanted. Here are 21 sure hits, from insanely cute gifts for babies to presents for the oh-so-sophisticated 9- and 11-year-olds in the gang.

Tool Set

It looks just like their parents’ set, just with lower potential for self-injury. The heads on the working screwdriver are removable, and the drill spins and hums. The next time you need help assembling something from IKEA, you’ll know who to call.

Bosch Tools Set, $17, Amazon

Bear Suit

For the snuggly little guy in your life, a super-warm (affordable!) all-in-one suit with soft jersey lining. You now have an excuse to ask for more bear hugs. *Note: Shouldn’t be worn at night.*

Bear Suit, $40, Amazon

Light-Up Model Solar System

This solar system is visually mesmerizing, educational (an audio CD comes with it), and since it’s best appreciated with the lights out, an excellent go the f*ck to sleep aide. It’s also (supposedly) easy to assemble and shuts off on its own after 20 minutes.

Solar System in My Room, $36, Amazon

Infrared helicopter

It not only flies like a real helicopter for up to 8 minutes, it blows bubbles along the way. And it can charge via USB cable, to make the whole thing more convenient for your recipient’s parents.

Fast Lane Infrared Bubble Helicopter with USB Charger, $41, Amazon

Play Kitchen

His parents get to cook in their kitchen, so why not let him express his culinary talents in his? He’ll love the details, especially the phone and chalkboard mounted on the fridge.

New Limited Edition Kidkraft Wooden Lime Green Corner Kitchen, $196, Amazon

LEGO Castle

Your nieces and nephews will be totally enthralled by this castle, and you’ll be the hero who occupied them for hours so their parents could do important adult things like drink and nap. Your siblings owe you one.

LEGO Castle King’s Castle, $255, Amazon

Gingerbread House Kit

You want to get them something cool, but most of all you want to spend time with them. This gift lets you, together, start the best kind of holiday tradition — the kind you get to eat at the end.

Gingerbread House Kit, $21, Amazon

Baby Topsiders

Can you even handle these? We cannot. Doesn’t matter if she isn’t actually walking yet. She needs these shoes.

Authentic Original Crib Shoes by Sperry Top-Sider, $28, Amazon

Sea Life Table

This play table lets future marine biologists move toy starfish, crabs, fish and dolphins around with attached magnetic wands, honing hand-eye coordination and teaching them a little zoology in the meantime.

Magnetic Sea Life, $197, Amazon

Wax Wheels Crayon Set

A cute stocking stuffer that does double duty. It’s a fleet of toy cars or a drawing set, depending on his or her mood.

Wax Wheels Crayon Set, $12,

Piggy Rocker

We don’t know what a toddler sounds like when he or she receives a rocking piggy, but we imagine it’s the most joyful squeal ever.

This Little Piggy Rocker, $129,

Goblin Cardigan

She can be a total monster sometimes, but in an endearing way. This adorable sweater, hand-knitted from organic cotton, conveys all of that with its soft horns, spine and tail. Best worn with jeans and wellies for extra cuteness.

Glasgow Goblin Sweater, $48,

Glitter Tote

Because you want to be the aunt she can count on to buy her trendy, sparkly stuff.

Girls’ Glitter Tote Bag, $59.50,

Gray and White Dot Teepee

Make their sleepover dreams come true with this teepee. It doesn’t mean you’re no longer available for fort-building — you’re just giving them options.

A Teepee to Call Your Own, $159,

Hillary Needlepoint

For the budding feminist and/or politico. This sampler from Etsy shop Parts and Labor was inspired by 2012’s famous Texts from Hillary Tumblr, but with the 2016 election on the horizon, the message is more relevant than ever. She can put it on her desk or bedside table as a reminder of who’s really in charge.

Hillary Clinton Tumblr Needlepoint, $30,

Organic Teddy Bear

A great first stuffed animal for your newest niece or nephew. Made of 95 percent organic ingredients not exposed to pesticides, fertilizers, antibiotics or hormones, it’s super safe for an infant, and it’s machine washable, so it’ll last for years.

Dandelion Classic Organic Bear, $16,

Floor Cushion

Being 4 or 7 (or 24 or 27) is exhausting. Wouldn’t it be nice to collapse together on the largest of these and watch an episode of Sponge Bob or four?

32” Pink Modern Cushion, $49,

Applique Skirt

Everyone in our office who saw this skirt wanted to know if it comes in her size. (Answer: it does not.) Get it for the little one especially in love with cats, or choose the leaf-, bird-, car-, or reindeer-themed version.

‘Decorative’ Cotton Voile Skirt, $54,

Stick-On Mustaches

An instant crowd-pleaser. Eight bucks get you six adhesive ‘staches and hours of camera-worthy silliness.

NPW™ Notable Moustaches K it, $8,

Large Coloring Picture

Another gift guaranteed to absorb them for hours if not days. This picture is big enough that several kids can work on it at once, so everyone old enough to know how to color in the lines can participate.

Supersized Colouring Picture, approx. $9,

Instagram Camera

Okay, your 5-year-old nephew may not get it, but he’ll enjoy playing photographer while everyone else appreciates the social media joke.

Twig Creative ‘Wooden Instagram’ Toy Camera, $35,