Rick Perry's Hair Is New, Improved, And Even Kinda Presidential This Time Around

Former Texas governor Rick Perry is trying for a different image. No doubt, the Republican candidate is attempting to distance himself from visions of his 2012 campaign: a strong start, followed by a series of public gaffes, and a limping finish that caused some analysts to recommend that Perry should sit out the 2016 campaign. The new and improved Rick Perry is an intellectual, careful and deliberate. He even has new glasses. But not everything about Perry's image has changed. He still sports what the National Journal has dubbed "the best head of hair in politics." You must have noticed the former governor's hair. I mean, it's gorgeous: thick, glossy, and with just enough gray to make Perry look distinguished -- even rugged. You could even argue that Rick Perry has Presidential hair.

But as we learned last week, Perry may have a ways to go to meet the rest of the criteria for President. The candidate took some heat last week when he called the Charleston shootings an "accident" and speculated prescription drug abuse played some role. The flub was the last thing Perry needed, a slip of the tongue comparable to the mistakes that marred his first run for President.

Still, that hair! The governor's hair was such a popular topic during the 2012 race that ABC13 in Houston did a segment featuring the woman responsible for Perry's coiffure

Governor Rick Perry on YouTube

So, is Rick Perry's hair Presidential enough? Let's examine the facts.

Perry's Hair Looks Patriotic

The close cut, slightly parted with just a hint of curl evokes images of an older Superman. And no one looks more patriotic than Superman.

Perry's Hair Makes a Strong Statement

Alex Wong/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Again, it's the cut. The former governor has the kind of hair that adds "oomph" to his speeches, even if he's not quite saying the right things.

No Matter What Perry Is Doing, His Hair Always Manages To Stay Perfectly Coiffed.

No matter the weather or the audience, Rick Perry's hair is perfect.

Finally, Like All Serious Candidates, Rick Perry's Hair Already Has A Solid Twitter Presence

With a Twitter bio that simply reads, "Beautiful, luscious, and flowing," @GovPerrysHair is poised to lead America in a conversation about real issues. The account has been silent for a while, so we can only pray that the Governor's hair will have more to say as the 2016 campaign gets underway.

Images: Governor Rick Perry/Instagram (2); Nicholas Rumas/Flickr; Getty Images (1)