The 2015 Emmy Nominations Had Better Include These 21 Actresses — You Hear Me, Academy?

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Emmy season is here, and TV fans everywhere know this is the best/most brutal time of the year. I think that goes double for the 2015 Emmys because there was just so much good TV this year. Even the TV that wasn't perfect had excellent performances. I do not envy Emmy voters is what I am saying, but I am here to give them some guidance. When I look back on the 2014-2015 TV season it is powerful female performances that immediately come to my mind.

I think of Elisabeth Moss' Peggy strolling down the hall of McCann Erickson like she owned the place and of the steely look on Lena Headey's face before Cersei began her walk of atonement. I think of what a revelation Constance Wu was on Fresh Off the Boat and just how much the Broad City ladies made me laugh. I wish they could all have Emmys, but short of constructing golden statutes out of glitter and paper, all I can do is honor their amazing work with words.

Image: Chuck Hodes/FOX

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