The 'Inside Out' Post Credits Scene Is Great — But How Does It Rank Among Other Pixar Films?

Disney has become the master of the post credits scenes — or "stingers" as some people like to call it. The Mouse House has managed to keep us tied to our chair in anticipation for what is to come after, or in some cases, during the the closing credits of their movies. Specifically, they have done it with their Marvel movies. From the very first Iron Man to the most recent Avengers: Age of Ultron, Disney has used the art of the stinger to connect its Marvel Cinematic Universe. But their beloved Pixar movies take a different route. Case and point: the post credits scene from Inside Out .

These scenes are less about serializing the Pixar movies and more about driving home a few more jokes. Most of the stingers are a standalone punchline that put a punctuated smile on the movie-going experience. Marvel tried to do it with that deadpan shawarma scene at the very end of the credits for The Avengers, but Pixar always seems to dominate with its creative and playfulness.

During Inside Out's clever and hilarious post credits sequence (actually, it's more mid-credits) there's a collection scenes that continues the story of the movie, but brings you into the minds and emotions of other secondary characters of the movie: the mom, the dad — even a cat. It is quite entertaining, but how does it stack up to the rest of the post credit sequences from other Pixar movies? I ranked it among its peers... because it needed to be done.

10. Cars (2006)

Chris Tubutis on YouTube

The ongoing joke of a pair of lost, married minivans continues all the way to the very end. Some of you may be able to relate to a situation like this.

9. Wall-E (2008)

Animation Life on YouTube

This post credits stinger isn't necessarily a scene, but more of a fun title treatment. Either way, we can never get enough of the worlds most adorable and quirky robot.

8. Brave (2012)

vinod kummar on YouTube

In addition to a little wisp during the credits to honor the late Steve Jobs (the original founder of Pixar), has the end has a guard getting freaked out by creepy looking crow delivering a cart full of wooden trinkets and treasures that Princess Merida purchased from the witch. A delightful stinger to Pixar's game-changing female-driven vehicle.

7. Monsters, Inc. (2001)

LanaStar68 on YouTube

Pixar really enjoyed giving us blooper reels. With Monsters, Inc., they made it really meta with a behind scenes crew of monsters, a cameo from another character from a Pixar movie, and a full-out musical performance.

6. Finding Nemo (2003)

StuntShroom on YouTube

Another Pixar character crosses over to the world of Nemo and at the very end there's a little surprise that's really big. Literally.

5. Monster's University (2013)

Esteban Méndez on YouTube

Another ongoing gag gets a punchline and some well-deserved laughs in the end.

4. Toy Story 2 (1999)

Disney UK on YouTube

Because it's always fun to see Andy's toys pull practical jokes on each other and be unbelievably silly. Also, there's farting.

3. A Bug's Life (1998)

Crashdance24 on YouTube

This was the first Pixar movie to include a blooper reel and that's probably why it's the best. That and the fact that it seems that their flubs are more natural. Complete with actors breaking character and an aphid that pees, it will have you aching for A Bug's Life 2.

2. Inside Out (2015)

Disney•Pixar on YouTube

No video of this one yet, but if you haven't seen it yet, make sure you stay through the credits. It's worth it. In the meantime, enjoy this clip from the movie.

1. Toy Story 3 (2010)

joejoe133 on YouTube

We grew up with Andy and saw him grow emotionally attached to all these toys, how could this not be the number one post credits scene. It is essentially a "Where Are They Now?" episode that ensures us that all the toys we grew to know and love are going to be fine.

With more Pixar movies on the horizon, we're pretty sure that we'll have more post credits scene to add to this list. I can't wait.