Tom Hiddleston Is Coming To Comic-Con & It's The Best News Ever

As if the glorious weekend that is San Diego Comic-Con could not get any better, Legendary pictures has announced that it will debut footage and present stars from the upcoming film Crimson Peak at its panel. This means only one thing: Tom Hiddleston is coming to Comic-Con! Rejoice! In recent years, Comic-Con's throughout the country have become a staple for celebrities to attend to promote their films, series, and comic books/graphic novels. And while many of these celebrities provide some great moments, scenes and sneak peeks for fans, anyone who has seen Tom Hiddleston in action at San Diego Comic-Con knows that he is the King of his panels. Who remembers his epic appearance as Loki at Comic-Con 2013 during the Avengers panel? Exactly.

So for the man himself to be appearing at Comic-Con to promote his newest Guillermo Del Toro Gothic Horror film is going to be beyond epic. Will he dress up in 1900s garb? Will he find a way to scare audiences when appearing on the panel? I have so many questions. Actually, let me rephrase that. I have so many desires. So let's just try and and figure out what emotions we're all feeling about this news right now shall we? Because there are just so many happy feels!

1. Pure Joy!

This might be the best news of the whole of Comic-Con.

2. Hope That Will He Dance?

It's bound to happen.

3. Immense Sadness For Those Not Attending In Person

WHY did I get tickets at the beginning of the year? What was I thinking?

4. Impatience

Seriously, why isn't it July 11th yet?

5. Excitement For Hiddleston & Crimson Peak

Legendary on YouTube

This movie is going to be epic.

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