New Trailer For Gaby Hoffman Film 'Lyle' Proves It's The Modern 'Rosemary's Baby'

Rosemary's Baby terrified audiences everywhere with its unsettling brand of horror when it hit theaters in 1968. Now a new film is looking to capture some of the film's anxiety-producing magic. A new trailer for the Gaby Hoffman-starring film Lyle has just been released, and it might be the modern-day successor to Roman Polanski's original work. Lyle was originally released for free online in August of 2014 and is now gearing up for a VOD and DVD release in the fall, something any good horror fan should be thrilled about. The film is about a pregnant woman named Leah (Hoffman) and her partner June (Ingrid Jungerman) who are anxious about the birth of their new child after the tragic death of their toddler the titular Lyle. But after moving into their new home, Leah spirals into paranoia — is someone really after her baby?

From the look of the trailer, it certainly seems that way, and if Rosemary's Baby is any indication of how things in Lyle will play out, the answer is a resounding yes. The similarities between the two films are striking in the trailer, and it's clear that filmmaker Stewart Thorndike wanted to pay homage to the classic work. Here are the ways Lyle could be 2014's answer to Rosemary's Baby:

The Setting

Both films begin with a young couple moving into their "dream apartments," both of which ultimately lead to tragedy.

Creepy Neighbors

In Rosemary's Baby, it's the couple next door who takes just a little too much interest in Rosemary's unborn child. In Lyle, the landlady is questionable... and is pretending to be pregnant.

The Suspicious Partners

Trust no bae. In Rosemary's Baby, Rosemary's husband has a shady connection to their neighbors, and in Lyle, Lana's partner seems oddly invested in having a boy. Could that have to do with sacrificing a first born child?

Foreboding Symbols Of Nesting

There's more at stake here than long lines at Bye, Bye Baby. Someone may want to rob that cradle.

Watch the new trailer for Lyle below. Lyle will be available on VOD and DVD on Sept. 29.

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