35 Shay Mitchell Nail Art Photos That Prove She's The Ultimate Source Of Manicure Inspiration

On screen, Emily Fields completely owns her semi-androgynous style, but her off-screen counterpart is every bit the girly girl. Shay Mitchell's nail art and envious travel pics have racked up quite the social media following over the years, scoring 7 million followers on Instagram alone. Fans (myself included) can’t get enough of all the behind-the-scenes insight at the girls' lives outside the show. I also love getting the inside scoop on their extracurriculars, specifically Mitchell’s lifestyle and beauty blog, Amore&Vita.

Mitchell took to Instagram early Thursday, shamelessly gushing over Formula X nails’ latest at-home ombre product. I’m convinced that if Shay Mitchell hadn’t pursued a career in acting, nail stylist could have been runner-up for her life’s calling. A good portion of the model turned actress’s 3,000 posts on Instagram are of her nails, which, obviously, are always done with utter perfection. She should seriously consider trademarking "Nails on Fleek" because they are that fabulous.

If you’re not interested in sifting through 3,000 photos to scope out Mitchell’s awesomely creative manis, the girl’s got you covered. Click on over to Amore & Vita and scroll through three pages of her favorite tutorials, archived for your convenience.

I may have had some time on my hands and decided to scroll through about a quarter of Shay Mitchell’s Instagram account to pick and choose my favorite of the Pretty Little Liars' nail art. This could be because I am a huge fan of the gorgeous actress and her mega skills, or because my nails are looking a tad hum drum at the moment. We'll go with both.

Needless to say, with all the original designs she's come up with, it was extremely hard to break it down to a few favorites. To say she’s got cosmetology skills would be an understatement.

Check out 35 times Shay Mitchell wowed followers with her nail art that prove in another life this girl was a cosmetologist. A rich one at that.

1. Ice Cream Crazy

Those drips, though.

2. Florals for Spring

I'm gonna go with groundbreaking here.

3. Glitter Splatter

Nail polish drip sort of skeeves me out, but then she said she cleaned up the mess, which made me feel better about it.

4. Christmas

Red, green, and gold are all accounted for.

5. Candy Cane

Looks good enough to eat — but resist the bite in the name of beauty.

6. Feather Mani

Who was on board with the feather trend? This takes it to the next level and I approve.

7. Plaid

I love a plaid.

8. Nude

Sometimes, all you need is bit of polish.

9. Crushed Shell

This is just awesome. Summertime is here, all.

10. Purple With a Hint Of Bling

Royal purple needs its royal bling.

11. Swimming Pool

Whirlpool nails. Genius.

12. Multicolored

For when you can't decide.

13. Gold-Tipped French

Classy lady right there.

14. Tiffany Blue

Because isn't that the best shade?

15. Psychedelic


16. Kisses & Hugs


17. Pink & Bling

Shay, are you sure you weren't channeling Paris Hilton on this one?

18. Fluorescent

So bright.

19. Stripes on Stripes

Because stripes are always on-trend.

20. Snowflakes

This is making me nostalgic for cold nights and hot chocolate.

21. Aly En Vogue


22. Candy Corn

Caution: Not edible.

23. Balmain

So runway.

24. Reverse French

Swim against the stream.

25. Ah, Ombré

Your favorite hair color strategy only in nail form.

26. Summer Pastels

You'll be happy every time you look at them.

27. Coral

It's one of those cutesy colors adults can get away with.

28. Peter Cotton Tail

Hippety, hoppety, Easter's on its way (give or take a few months).

29. Neon

So when you point people know you mean business.

30. Glitter, Glitter Everywhere

Sparkle and shine.

31. Show The Love

Let your fingers do the talking.

32. Black & Gold, Black & Gold

There's something fierce about this color scheme.

33. Glitter in the Sky

I am well aware not once does she describe these nails as glitter in the sky, but tell me her nails do not look like twinkling stars in the night sky!

34. Prepare to Party

Because that's pretty much the only place you'd rock this.

35. Lime

Because why not?