When Is 'Sharknado 3'? Ian Ziering & His Chainsaw Will Be Back Before You Know It

Ever since SyFy gave us all the gift of Sharknado in 2013, summer just isn't complete without Fin Shepard (played by Ian Ziering) battling it out with a shark-filled tornado in an awesomely campy TV movie. The first film had the sharknado attack Los Angeles, and last year's Sharknado: The Second One had the disaster take on New York City. This year, Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! premieres on July 22 and takes on the whole East Coast this time around. The shark-filled twister will start its attack in Washington D.C. and end up in Orlando, Florida — leaving who knows how much carnage along the way.

Ziering and Tara Reid (as April) return to the franchise, which will welcome a whole slew of new, star-studded faces in Sharknado 3, according to SyFy. Joining the whirlwind this year are Cassie Scerbo, David Hasselhoff, Bo Derek, Ryan Newman, Frankie Muniz, Penn and Teller, Ne-Yo, Lou Ferrigno, and Jackie Collins. I'd also like to note that Shark Tank's Mark Cuban will be playing the president and Ann Coulter will make a cameo as his VP, which is the craziest pair to ever be in the White House. But, who will survive the funnel cloud filled with predators? And will Fin be able to take down these sharks with his signature chainsaw? We shall see.

Here are six more reasons to be excited for the awesomeness that is Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No!

1. That Title

Such perfection. It just conveys everything that needs to be said about the franchise's movies.

2. The Chainsaw

I mean, duh. Somehow, some way, Fin will always end up with a chainsaw in the event of a sharknado. It's fate.

3. Kathie Lee & Hoda Will Be There

According SyFy, Kathie Lee and Hoda Kotb will be making cameos. I hope they bring their fourth hour of the Today show dance parties and wine to the TV movie.

4. We'll Meet Fin & April's Parents

SyFy says that Bo Derek will play April's mother and David Hasselhoff plays Fin's dad. I can't think of any one else better to take on those roles.

5. Frankie Muinz Gets Tough

According to SyFy, the Malcolm in the Middle star will play a mechanic named Lucas Stevens, who I presume will use his knowledge about getting down and dirty with cars to defeating the sharknado. I wonder what Malcolm would think.

6. NASA Cameos

NASA will be filled with some badass cameos, according to SyFy. They will include Penn and Teller as retired NASA Lieutenant Colonel Stylo and Major Caissier, and Ray J will play a tech named Tom Major. Comcast SportsNet’s Brian Mitchell also plays a NASA tech.

And there's going to be so much more. I can barely stand the wait, but I know Sharknado 3 will be worth it.

Images: Raymond Liu/Syfy; Gene Page/Syfy;Giphy (5)