15 Insurance Commercials That Got Way Too Real For Their Own Good

You're so busy living your life that you may not have known this, but it's National Insurance Day, aka a good reminder that it is now a thing you're legally required to have (well, at least the health kind). I think auto insurance is required, also? I really should read up on that. Even though insurance exists as this totally mandatory financial obligation, that doesn't make choosing the right insurance company for you any easier. Honestly, I feel pretty bad for the companies expected to ~wow~ folks into choosing them. Tactics have grown... creative. Some insurance commercials get downright weird or too real and it's borderline uncomfortable.

I do not envy folks in the advertising business. Sure, some products and services (I imagine) sell themselves. Stuff like shredded cheese, foot massages, crazy straws, head scratches. OK, fine, I don't know any person or place offering head scratches in exchange for earth dollars, but if I did, let's just say my guac fund would experience a little friendly competition.

I wish I could sit in on some of these ad meetings, though, for crafting an insurance commercial with a special pizazz that hooks viewers. "WE NEED MORE PIZAZZ, MICHAEL. ADD A DYING FAMILY DOG. GET ME A TACO." You know, stuff like that. But seriously, the fact that several people have to sign off on these ideas before they become a reality is actually beyond me. Here are some prime examples of when insurance commercials get too weird or real for their own good, TBH:

Make Safe Happen

This one isn't so much weird as it is profoundly sad. Its approach to sadness is almost predatory. Like, "I WILL MAKE YOU CRY." Which it did, to a friend's small child who caught the commercial during a break from the cartoon show he was watching at the time. It's true tragedies happen, but holy crap, how about a little warning before that one, Nationwide?


Silence Of Love

Another mega depressing one. A teen, angry at her father for being born deaf, appears to have attempted suicide. When her dad can't communicate with nurses at the hospital, it looks like she dies, because apparently nobody could think up any other method of communication. Man, makes me think: "I do need health insurance. And from this company in particular."

Traveler's Insurance Dog

I included this one to break up the sads. And also because it makes zero sense. Seems the real concern should be that this adorable dog's owner gives very few f*cks about hanging with him.

My Dad Is A Liar

Seems like your daddy is willing to give up his entire life so you can eat some freaking French fries, so maybe stop twisting the knife, little girl. WTF are you trying to tell us, MetLife?


I like Wilson Philips as much as the next professional Internet writer, but this attempt to incorporate one of the most perfect songs in existence with peddling auto insurance is weak.

Mother, Daughter, And A Pineapple

Gonna go out on a limb here and wager Thailand has a solid stronghold on the excessively emotional commercials game. "My daughter is pretty perceptive. I'll probably die soon." What??

Cat Attack

As a cat owner, this one is way too real. I'd like to take this opportunity to apologize to my cat, Kevin, who cannot read, but still. I'm sorry I spilled that tomato soup on you, buddy. I'm even sorrier about the failed bath attempt following that.

Acupuncture Nightmares

??! NOPE.

Frogger Gone Wrong

Good to know Thai insurance companies occasionally have a sense of humor.

Adam And Eve

So straight women, every time you run into a hot dude who turns out to be gay, call this insurance company. Since then I guess they'll find you a straight substitute...?

Snotty Doctor

Here we have a slightly more chauvinistic child version of Larry David also dressed as a marionette controller.

Mae Toi


Easy Streaming


Sleepy Truckers

Well, this is a different kind of upsetting.

Forget Me Not

OK, Thailand. You win. I fold. I fold so hard (and am sobbing only mildly).

Images: YouTube