New 'Gravity' Footage?

In one of the particularly climactic scenes of Alfonso Cuarón's Gravity, we see a desperate Sandra Bullock attempt to radio a distress call while stranded in a Russian capsule floating in space. Her oxygen is running low, and she frantically tries to relay this to someone on the other end who can't understand English. Based on this new Gravity companion piece, Aningaaq , we all finally have a look at who Bullock's character was speaking to: An unidentified Inuit man in Greenland. Okay, so it's not exactly new footage from Gravity, per se — but it's the closest we'll ever get!

Written by Jonás Cuarón, Alfonso Cuarón's son who co-wrote Gravity with him, the clip introduces us to an Inuit man who receives Bullock's character's distress call on the radio. While in the film, we see Bullock struggling to understand the meaning of her life as she comes to terms with the possibility that she may die in space, in this short film, we see the Inuit man struggling with similar questions about life — and grappling with the decision of whether or not to put his beloved dog down.

According to The Wire, Jonás created the short based on experiences he himself had in Greenland, and the close relationships he witnessed between Inuits and their dogs. "They're traveling very far away from their villages to the ice to go fishing and in a way the only companions they have are the dogs. It's almost a friendship but also about survival. They depend on these dogs to move around but also the truth is if one of these dogs gets injured or they start becoming too old to be able to make the trip, since it's such a lengthy trip, they have to sacrifice it. I happened to run into a fisherman who had to sacrifice his dog and it's really hard for them."

You can check out the short below. Gravity, which stars Bullock and George Clooney, is still going strong at the box office: According to a recent report in Variety , the film just passed the $500 million mark in worldwide earnings.