6 Amazing Same-Sex Celebrity Weddings

by Jaclyn Anglis

Gay marriage has a brand new triumph in the United States. In a historic ruling, the Supreme Court has declared same-sex marriage bans unconstitutional. This means that gay marriage is now legal nationwide. It's a cause for celebration and a big step forward in gay rights. And of course, a cause for celebration for weddings, which some of your favorite gay celebrities know a thing or two about.

Though marriage was only legal in select states prior to the SCOTUS ruling, many gay celebrities have already taken advantage of the laws in place in said states that were for marriage equality. In other words, they got hitched! And since they are celebrities, their weddings are far from average. From designer wedding gowns to elaborate firework displays to breathtaking getaway destinations, it cannot be denied that these celebrities know how to celebrate their love — and newfound equal right to marry who they love.

It's worth taking a look back at some of the best celebrity gay weddings we have seen so far. Now, with the ruling firmly in place, it can be almost certain that there will be many more! But in the meantime, check out this round up. Fair warning: it is hard not to say "aww!"

1. Ellen DeGeneres & Portia de Rossi

Without a doubt one of the most famous celeb weddings ever, these two blushing brides tied the knot in 2008, shortly after California's Supreme Court approved same-sex marriage in a super-private ceremony with less than 20 guests at their home in Los Angeles. They wore hers-and-hers suit and dress, both by designer Zac Posen.

2. Neil Patrick Harris & David Burtka

These two lovebirds got hitched in 2014 in Italy of all places. How romantic! The ceremony was a small, private gathering that included custom Tom Ford tuxedos, a beautiful setting for the happy grooms, and a performance by none other than Elton John!

3. Melissa Etheridge & Linda Wallen

Etheridge once sang, "Yes I am." And in 2014, she said "I do" to Linda Wallen in California, specifically in a gorgeous lily garden under an arbor, which was surrounded by multicolored flowers. Beautiful ceremony and a beautiful day!

4. Elton John & David Furnish

Worth the wait! These loves were together for more than 20 years before finally getting married in 2014 in England. Taking full advantage of the recently passed marriage equality laws, the music icon and his longtime boyfriend wed in a private ceremony at their estate nearby the Windsor Castle.

5. Cynthia Nixon & Christine Marinoni

How fitting that the Sex and the City star married Marinoni in New York three years after the two met at a gay marriage rally? The actress and her love wed in the Big Apple in 2012, as evidenced by the gorgeous backdrop. And check out Nixon's custom Carolina Herrera gown! Even SATC's Miranda would tear up!

6. Lance Bass & Michael Turchin

Forgive me for this, but they are perfectly in sync! The former *NSYNC boy bander married the love of his life in 2014 at a glamorous Hollywood venue, the Legendary Park Plaza Hotel. Three-hundred guests were in attendance at the glamorous soiree, including Bass' former band mate J.C. Chasez, who sang for them.

Congratulations as always to these happy, beautiful couples. Can't wait for the many more weddings to come!

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