What's The Song In The Dodge Durango Commercial? It's "No Flex Zone" & It's Terrific — VIDEOS

In a TV spot for the Dodge Durango, gentlemen and gentlewomen sip tea and read the newspaper at what appears to be an RMS Titanic reenactment club (seriously, though. The only thing the lady in that Rose DeWitt Bukater hat is missing is an enormous blue diamond necklace). The Dodge Brothers pull up to the hoity, toity, don’t-forget-the-monocle-you-left-on-the-doily establishment in a modern sport utility vehicle. A most perfect song floats out from the car stereo. No flex. The ground beneath the building shakes. Zone. There’s a chill in the air. No flex. Silver tea trays start to rattle. Zone. The Dodge Brothers’ newfangled means of transport inches closer to the turn-of-the-century country club. No flex. The Dodge Brothers open the car doors and toss the keys to the valet. Zone. The song fills the country club. "What is that?" the Titanic re-enactors ask with their eyes. The song in the Dodge Durango commercial is, but of course, “No Flex Zone” by Rae Sremmurd. Clearly, the Dodge Brothers are all about that Sremm Life.

Unless you're a Titanic reenactor who, up until you saw this particular advertisement, has deliberately avoided any and all contemporary popular culture (for the sake of authenticity, duh), you knoooow better, you knoooow better than to say you’ve never heard “No Flex Zone”; Rae Sremmurd's debut single has been a HUGE hit since mid-2014.

“No Flex Zone” appears on SremmLife, the nonstop party that is the duo's debut album. Don't mind me as I plug in my good headphones into my laptop and listen to this unstoppable jam for the zillionth time:

Every time I see this ad, I happily stop whatever it is I'm doing and listen to "No Flex Zone" in its entirety:

Image: Dodge/YouTube