Jimmy Fallon Was Hospitalized, But 'The Tonight Show' Host Is Going To Be A-OK

Before you start freaking out, yes, Tonight Show host and comedian Jimmy Fallon is in the hospital, but all seems to be A-OK with the late-night talk show star. On Friday, TMZ released a report stating that Fallon was laid up in a New York hospital after having hand surgery. TMZ spoke with his rep, who explained that Friday's taping of The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon has been cancelled, but the former Saturday Night Live funnyman is "expected to make a full recovery." That's great to hear!

According to TMZ, Fallon was out and about on the Upper East Side Thursday after the taping of his show, where even took photos with some fans. The media outlet also reports the 40-year-old went home around 9 p.m., but the hand injury reportedly happened sometime Friday morning. Soon after the injury, Fallon went to the hospital, where a specialist said he needed to have surgery, TMZ reports.

No other details have been released about exactly how Fallon hurt himself, but all that matters is his rep said he's going to fine. Thank goodness! Knowing Fallon and his positive nature, I'm sure he's in good spirits and will probably be making jokes about his hand injury during the next taping of his show.