9 Songs To Celebrate The SCOTUS Same-Sex Marriage Ruling To That Promote Love, Equality & Change

It's my belief that, when history's made, you've earned yourself some fun. And, with the Supreme Court ruling that gay marriage is a constitutional right, I can't think of a better event to celebrate. I mean, obviously I expect a bunch of wedding invites in my mailbox, but I expect those to take the same, or a greater amount, of planning as a straight wedding. We should seize the day, and party 'till the night turns to day. And, don't worry, my friends, I already put together the perfect playlist to celebrate the SCOTUS ruling.

And I take playlists seriously, so, rest assured, I didn't hastily paste together a bunch of Lady Gaga's greatest hits. In terms of artists, a bold take on sexuality and gender, identifying as LBGT, and um... well, writing about marriage in a literal sense, was a plus, but not a requirement. More than anything, I wanted to pick out songs that captured an effervescent sense of both love and joy, one that would go well with the theoretical flow of the party. Bonus points if it had a beat you can dance to.

So enjoy, lovelies, this hand-picked selection of songs to celebrate love, life, and equality.

1. Mika — "Love Today"

This song was playing on the first day of my senior year of high school, marking the end of a hellish battle. Naturally, it makes the perfect high-energy opener for our playlist, not only because it's jubilance in auditory form, but because it urges you to love today, anyway you want to, anyway you got to.

2. David Bowie — "Rebel, Rebel"

Because I am pro-Bowie always, but also because nobody challenged gender and sexuality norms like him. Change is impossible without challenging the norm, kids.

3. The Darkness — "I Believe in a Thing Called Love"

Irreverent, and a staple on any mix CD I'd put together, but necessary to keep that energy going.

4. Florence and the Machines — "Dog Days are Over"

Granted, the overall fight for rights isn't over, but this is a humongous triumph. Own it with some haunting Florence Welsh vocals, and some horrifying Florence Welsh impressions.

5. Elton John — "Goodbye Yellow Brick Road"

I'm including this not for any cliched reasons, although it helps that it's Elton John, and it helps that it's based around a Wizard of Oz reference. I'm including it because it's impossible not to sing whatever the pre-chorus noise is. You know the one. Best drunken sing-a-long ever.

6. R.E.M. — "Shiny Happy People"

Because you like to compliment your warm fuzzies with '90s cynicism.

7. St. Vincent — "Northern Lights"

Ideal for the time of the night where the champagne is flowing, everything is a haze, and you have no idea what's going on anymore. Incidentally, I have no idea what's going on in this (or most) St. Vincent song, but I know I like it.

8. Garfunkel and Oates — "Rainbow Connection"

Not to be confused with the Kermit the Frog song, although, hey, pencil that in for later. As the night winds down, break out the tissues and ukulele to properly enjoy this lovely song that's technically about two gay puppets getting married... but, in reality, is just about the beauty of love.

9. Queen — "We Are The Champions"

I mean, obviously. If this song isn't the one that makes you want to throw your arm around someone's shoulder and sob happy tears while rocking back and forth, I don't know what is. And that's exactly what this historic ruling makes me feel like doing.