Zac, Anna, Aubrey, & Adam Are Meant To Be

Have you heard about the upcoming movie Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates ? It's a comedy with quite the cast, including Zac Efron, Anna Kendrick, Aubrey Plaza, and Adam DeVine. The film revolves around Efron and DeVine's characters, Dave and Mike, respectively. Not only do they play brothers, but they are also in desperate need of dates for a wedding. Of course, they place personal ads to find dates, which is where Kendrick (Alice) and Plaza (Tatiana) come into play. As we speak, the comedy is being filmed and it seems like the cast has become the best of friends.

All four actors have posted fun tweets and photos while filming in Hawaii (lucky!) proving that they really are meant to be besties. Whether they're celebrating each other's birthdays, joking around with funny tweets, or exploring the amazing outdoors of Hawaii, Efron, Kendrick, Plaza, and DeVine sure look like they're having an amazing time together.

Basically, I want to hang out with these four for a day or two or 10. If you need proof of just how amazing this foursome is, well, here you go. The following seven ways show that not only are they fantastic actors, but that they're fantastic friends, too.

That Time Aubrey's Birthday Was Amazing

Zac and Anna, you can give me gifts whenever you want.

That Time Anna & Aubrey Changed Their Movie's Title

They're amazing.

That Time Adam Celebrated Half-Xmas

Let's face it, Half-Xmas is just as important as Xmas.

That Time They Explored The Outdoors

The outdoors never looked so good.

That Time Adam & Zac Had Fun

Bros, forever.

That Time Aubrey Was Excited For Their Movie

Get it, Aubrey.

That Time They Joked Around On Set

I expect nothing less.

Yep, Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates has a great cast. I mean, how can you go wrong with Zac, Anna, Aubrey, and Adam?